Helping Patients Find and Engage with Clinical Trials

June 16, 2022

Helping Patients
With increased scrutiny from regulatory agencies,
advocacy groups and the public for clinical trial
transparency, sponsors are feeling the pressure
to ramp up efforts to make their studies more


Real Regulatory Ltd

Real Regulatory Ltd is a team of proven and committed experts specialising in European Regulatory Affairs, Quality Management Systems and Supply Chain Operations Compliance.

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2020 Prescription Drug List

whitePaper | April 7, 2020

The information in this document is designed to help you understand the prescription drug benefits offered under this plan and to compare these benefits to those offered by other plans. Information contained in this summary is designed to help you compare both the value and scope offormulary benefits.

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Securing the modern pharmaceutical supply chain

whitePaper | April 22, 2022

Members of the Health-ISAC community have produced a security framework for the pharmaceutical supply chain comprising this CISO guide.

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Employing Singleuse Technology to Control Frozen Bulk Drug Storage

whitePaper | September 29, 2022

New biopharmaceutical drug products that alter and even save lives can be very profitable for their developers.

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The Ultimate Guide to Pharmaceutical Quality Managemen

whitePaper | October 20, 2022

When the first Nokia and Motorola cell phones that were affordable and small enough to fit in your pocket hit the market, they not only changed how we viewed phone technology but how we communicated.

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The Age of Coaching

whitePaper | March 4, 2022

The pandemic has been healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry’s meteor moment established eco-systems have been wiped out andsales force routines have been scorched from the face of the earth.

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Understanding Net Pharmaceutical Expenditure Dynamics in Europe

whitePaper | April 12, 2022

The level of pharmaceutical expenditure is closely watched and often commented upon, but the composition of that expenditure and its dynamics are not as well understood.

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