EMBL researchers identifying how potential drugs work in the fight against COVID-19

April 16, 2020

EMBL researchers are studying how drugs that have shown good results against COVID-19 work in living cells. This will help them to quickly identify other drugs that could treat the disease, which are urgently needed until a vaccine is developed, and possibly afterwards as well.


Acceleron Pharma

Acceleron is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative therapeutics to treat serious and rare diseases.


Free flowing amorphous solid dispersions for enhanced drug solubility

video | March 9, 2022

Could there be a new way to improve the solubility of poorly soluble APIs? Our newly launched microparticle technology EUDRATEC® SoluFlow is just that! It works by turning a poorly soluble drug into a free-flowing amorphous solid dispersion (ASD) that can be easily compressed into tablets or filled into capsules....

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Optimizing Outcomes Across the Pharma Value Chain Network

video | January 20, 2022

The pharma industry faces new challenges to be more agile and flexible in the effort to produce and deliver medicines to market faster. Digitalization will play a key role in helping companies optimize their value chain network. Hear from AspenTech's David Leitham as he touches on this trend and how Industrial AI solutions will help companies stay ahead....

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How Billionaire Mark Cuban's Online Pharmacy Went From Pitch To Reality

video | February 2, 2022

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban launched an online pharmacy that offers more than 100 generic drugs at an affordable price with a goal of being “radically transparent” in its price negotiations with drug companies....

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Digital Health solutions for patient centric clinical trials

video | August 24, 2021

Digital health solutions for remote patient data collection and continuous patient monitoring are enabling us to reduce patient burden and accelerate our clinical trials. Halsey Lea, Director Data Science, Data Science & AI, R&D, explains the transformative role that digital connected devices are playing in our smart clinical trial programmes....

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