Cancer drug shortage: What you should know

October 17, 2019

A drug used to treat children and animals with cancer is getting harder to find after one pharmaceutical company announced it would stop making it.


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Changing the world of drug formulation

video | August 15, 2022

Manufacturing drugs for paediatric applications comes with a unique set of challenges. Notably, the need to counteract the bitterness of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and enhance solubility to reduce the risk of delayed onset of action and local tissue injury....

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Denver's SmartTab combines modern technology with everyday drug capsule

video | August 11, 2022

A startup pharmaceutical company in Denver is working on a way to deliver much-needed medication through a high-tech capsule. You're In Good Company with SmartTab....

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Pharmacy Management System Project in Python Source Code

video | May 21, 2022

Pharmacy Management System Project in Python Source Code What is Pharmacy Management System Project in Python...

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AI accelerated drug discovery

video | May 20, 2022

AI accelerated drug discovery, allowing for a fast-track discovery and repurposing of existing molecule, intelligent clinical design and coupled with in-house manufacturing....

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