The 2nd Saudi International Pharma Expo

November 7-9, 2022 | Saudi Arabia

The 2nd
SIPE 2022 will provide an opportunity for the participating companies to display their products & services to the gamut of visitors ; globally from pharma and healthcare industries.
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JSC is investigating CM in drug development on the R&D side and applications in biologics manufacturing, which could lead to reduced scale-up time and eventually shorter time-to-market.


3rd International Conference on Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Systems

December 5-6, 2022 | Thailand

After a successful conference of 2nd World Pharma congress 2022, Inovine Meetings LLC is currently bringing forth "3rd International Conference on Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Systems, December 05-06, 2022 at Bangkok, Thailand.
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3rd International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo

September 29-30, 2022 | UK

3rd International Pharmaceutical Conference and Expo welcome you as our guest to London, UK on July 14-15, 2022. i-Pharma 2022 includes nearly every permutation of knowledge, innovation, technology, and networking; and has the objective of creating an international forum for academicians, practitioners, and business professionals to discuss the soundest issues related to Pharma, Biotech, and Health Care.
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Temperature Controlled Logistics And Security

September 20-22, 2022 | USA

We are the world’s most innovative and educational event covering all you need to know about optimizing your end-to-end supply chain from a patient-centric, regulatory-compliant and cost effective perspective.
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19th Annual Pharma Data Congress

September 8-9, 2022 | UK

Showcasing success in FAIR data implementation, data analytics in drug discovery, AI/ML technologies, RWE management, data storage & infrastructure, multi-omic data integration and management
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