Therorna completes Series A financing to accelerate pipeline development and clinical transformation of circRNA-based platform

Therorna Inc. | June 21, 2022

Therorna completes
Therorna Inc., a China-based biotech company specialized in the development of cutting-edge circular RNA technology-based new vaccines and therapies, announced the completion of a US$42 million Series A financing round. The round was co-led by a well-known industrial investment firm and MSA Capital, with participation from Sherpa Healthcare Partners, 3H Health Investment, and existing investors Quan Capital and Cenova Capital, demonstrating their continuous commitment to supporting Therorna's growth. With the new funding, Therorna plans to accelerate the build-out of its technology platform and the development of its product pipeline, as well as the clinical trials, regulatory applications, and international collaborations.

Therorna was founded in Beijing in April 2021. The company focuses on leveraging its proprietary circRNA technology platform to develop next-generation vaccines and innovative therapies. The company has established a strong pipeline of novel prophylactic and therapeutic drugs aiming to address high unmet medical needs. When combined with the previously completed angel and pre-A rounds, the company has to date raised over US$60 million.

"We really appreciate the support of our investors. As the world continues to suffer from the COVID-19, scientists are obliged to shoulder the responsibility to provide scientific solutions to end this pandemic. We are devoted to accelerating the clinical application of our circRNA-based vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and its variants."

The scientific founder of Therorna, Professor Wensheng Wei

Therorna Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Daniel Tang commented, "I am very grateful for the support of our new and existing investors in this financing round. The successful completion of this round will play a key role in helping Therorna accelerate the development of a new broad-spectrum COVID-19 vaccine and the discovery of additional novel therapies for a variety of diseases. Our team will continue to spare no effort to advance the circRNA platform technology to develop the next-generation of breakthrough therapies and quickly deliver meaningful social benefits."

MSA Capital founder and managing partner Yu Zeng added, "We are confident in the potential of circRNA technology for drug development in the area of protein expression and regulation. Compared with linear RNA, circRNA boasts breakthroughs in expression, stability, immunogenicity, and production. In terms of the technology, Chinese scientists have proven their internationally recognized capabilities at innovation and efficient transformation. MSA Capital is impressed by Therorna's strong team of scientists and entrepreneurs. As a serial entrepreneur, Professor Wei has deep expertise in gene editing and circRNA technology application, and Therorna's management team has rich experience in drug R&D and industrial management. MSA Capital will make use of its resources to support the expansion of Therorna in international markets."

Sherpa Healthcare Partners investment VP Dr. Changzu Cai said, "mRNA drugs have achieved notable success in the application of COVID-19 vaccines, but challenges in terms of side effects remain to be addressed. Linear RNA is easily degraded and its application beyond vaccines is still under exploration. Thanks to its unique structure, the circRNA as a tool for protein expression has been proven to maintain a relatively stable protein expression level in vivo for a longer time, which is expected to further expand the application scenarios of RNA therapy. The team led by Professor Wei is leveraging their experience in applying circRNA as a gene editing tool to support the development of the circRNA expression tool. The proprietary circularization method developed by Therorna has demonstrated its advantages in terms of dosage, and activation of cellular immunity by being first applied in COVID-19 vaccines. We are pleased to continue supporting the efforts of Wei Lab in converting innovations into benefits for patients and communities, while looking forward to transforming Therorna into a platform-based circRNA technology-focused company with an international presence."

3H Health partner Dr. Minchuan Wang said, "circRNA has better stability and long-lasting expression with a potential for creating a new RNA therapy platform. The combination of Professor Wei's team with strong technical expertise in circRNA and the management team established at an earlier stage of the company with members having rich experience in promoting the adoption of new technologies will help accelerate the clinical transformation of circRNA. We are honored to support Therorna in this financing round, and we will work with the company's team, and their new and existing investors, to help the company assume a leadership role in the realm of circRNA, providing patients with pioneering therapies and addressing unmet clinical needs."

Exclusive financial advisor for this transaction and CEC Capital Managing Director, Echo Zhang commented, "circRNA has attracted widespread attention as an emerging technology for RNA drugs. Therorna is expected to take the lead in advancing the technology into clinical applications. We are honored to help Therorna complete this round of financing, and we believe that Therorna will lead the development of the global circRNA sector."

About MSA Capital
Founded in 2014, MSA Capital is an independent global private equity and venture capital firm with over $2.0 billion under management. The firm manages capital from the world's top sovereign wealth funds, international asset managers, pension funds, university endowments, fund of funds and family offices, as well as China's leading new economy entrepreneurs.

MSA actively partners with outstanding entrepreneurs in China and other technology markets to build leading, innovative companies that aim to deliver strong financial returns and meaningful, positive impact. The firm is headquartered in Beijing, with resident teams in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East, North Africa and the United States.

About Sherpa Healthcare Partners
Sherpa Healthcare Partners ("Sherpa") was founded in 2018, the founders previously worked together in one of China's leading venture capital firms, built and led its professional medical investment team since 2011, set up the dedicated healthcare investment fund and responsible for healthcare investment. The founders have been teamed together in close co-operation, built on shared values, mutual trust, and complementary capabilities.  Sherpa has now become an influential healthcare VC firm in the industry.  Sherpa has invested in leading companies in many key areas, such as Pharma, GeneTech, MedTech and Medical services. From 2011 to 2020, the team has gone through 4 vintage year cycles of multiple U.S dollar funds and RMB funds and made 100 investments. Sherpa has the honor to work with many outstanding entrepreneurs and grow together with them.

About 3H Health Investment
3H Health Investment is a Hong Kong and Shanghai based healthcare venture capital firm. It focuses on unmet medical needs and invests in emerging fields of science and medicine to deliver breakthroughs to patients. Leveraging its extensive resources with clinical institutions, industry partners and policy institutes, 3H builds leading innovative healthcare companies together with its partners.

About Quan Capital
Quan capital is a life sciences venture capital firm with strong China expertise and global capabilities. We discover, incubate, and grow next-generation life science companies in early and growth stage, worldwide. Our portfolio companies pioneer differentiated therapies and enabling technologies to address major human diseases with high unmet medical needs.

Quan has offices in Shanghai, Menlo Park and Boston.  Our investment professionals combine their strong expertise in both science and business with their diverse experiences in global drug development and healthcare investments, and they leverage their broad network worldwide to help maximize the company's value across geographies and development stages. Visit to learn more about us.

About Cenova Capital
Cenova Capital is one of the earliest healthcare funds dedicated to early and growth-stage investments in the life sciences and healthcare sectors in China. Since inception in 2010, Cenova Capital now has six funds under management with investments in over 80 companies in pharmaceuticals, medical devices,healthcare services and digital heath. Cenova Capital's investors are mainly large domestic and international institutional investors including Asian sovereign wealth investors, government institutions, insurance companies, financial institutions and multinational companies.

About CEC Capital
CEC Capital is a leading Chinese FA with a focus on the global TMT, consumption and health sectors.  In addition to investment banking, CEC Capital is managing a RMB fund and a dollar fund with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and it also has a license to the US securities market. The healthcare industry is an advantageous industry that CEC Capital is concerned about. Meanwhile, CEC Capital has the largest and most professional health investment banking team in China with the most complete industry chain.


Healthcare information technology has quickly become one of a clinician’s most powerful instruments. The implementation of technology to automate the collection and documentation of patient information, such as vital signs, continues to expand to users in more care settings within the hospital environment.

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AustinPx | August 29, 2022

DisperSol Technologies, LLC, a specialty pharmaceutical company announced the appointment of Tim Scott as president and chief executive officer of the company. At the same time, the company announced that it is changing its name to AustinPx™, Pharmaceutics and Manufacturing, to better reflect the company’s new direction as a contract development and manufacturing organization. Mr. Scott also joins the board of directors of AustinPx. The hiring of Mr. Scott and the company name change to AustinPx, Pharmaceutics and Manufacturing, are part of a shift in the focus of the pharmaceutical technology company that first developed KinetiSol® technology, a patented amorphous dispersion technology for improving drug bioavailability. The company will now provide pharmaceutical chemistry services including analytical and formulation development and cGMP manufacturing at its site in Austin, Texas. Mr. Scott was the co-founder and president of Pharmatek Laboratories from 1999 until 2016, when he sold the company to Catalent Pharma Solutions (NYSE: CTLT). He currently serves as board chair of Biocom, a trade organization supporting 2,000 life science companies. Mr. Scott also serves on the Medical Research Advisory Committee for the Conrad Prebys Foundation, providing grants to innovative research in the health sciences. “I can think of no one better to lead the transformation of AustinPx than Tim. He brings a wealth of experience in building a contract development and manufacturing business, and he has strong connections throughout the industry. We are delighted to have his leadership as we build AustinPx into a world class CDMO.” Shaun Kirkpatrick, President at Research Corporation Technologies and board chair of AustinPx “Our goal is to build a client-centric organization that provides drug development and manufacturing services for pharma companies worldwide,” says Scott. “The name AustinPx represents where we come from and what we do. Px stands for Pharmaceutics. To our core, we are a pharmaceutics company. Our approach is data-driven and agnostic, which means our formulation strategy for each drug is based on the unique physiochemistry of that compound. And for poorly soluble compounds, we have one of the most powerful tools available in KinetiSol, a truly next generation technology for rendering active pharmaceutical ingredients amorphous.” KinetiSol is a proprietary technology for improving drug bioavailability. This advanced technology transforms active pharmaceutical ingredients into amorphous solid dispersions, thereby enhancing the physiochemistry and PK of drugs. KinetiSol offers many advantages over other amorphous dispersion technologies. It provides a broader formulation design space and a more efficient scale-up. Additionally, KinetiSol’s significantly smaller ecological footprint makes it a greener technology. About AustinPx AustinPx, Pharmaceutics and Manufacturing is a contract development and manufacturing organization providing analytical and formulation development services and cGMP manufacturing for small molecule drugs. The company specializes in phase-appropriate development strategies, speed to clinic and market strategies, and bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble molecules – including its next generation amorphous dispersion platform, KinetiSol®. AustinPx’s lead investors include Research Corporation Technologies, Inc. and Acadia Woods.

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DeepIntent Adds More Leading Data Providers to its Audience Marketplace, Simplifying Pharma Campaign Planning and Optimization

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DeepIntent, the leading healthcare advertising technology company built to influence better patient health and business outcomes announced the addition of audience segments from Redi-Data, MedFuse, HealthWise Data, Prognos Health, and TV viewership data from LG Ads Solutions to the DeepIntent Audience Marketplace. These segments are directly integrated into DeepIntent's demand side platform for immediate activation, with the ability to optimize campaigns in real-time toward audience quality and script performance using DeepIntent Outcomes™. Launched in September 2021, Audience Marketplace remains the industry's first and only healthcare-specific data marketplace with ready-to-activate and custom audience segments powered by a variety of medical and pharmacy claims, lab, genomic, contextual, and wellness data providers. In total, DeepIntent now offers hundreds of patients and HCP segments from leading digital health data providers and publishers, including HealthLink Dimensions, Fluent, Doc Delta, and ShareThis. Additionally, over two dozen leading pharmaceutical brands and advertising agencies have made use of custom or ready-to-activate segments available on the marketplace to simplify their campaign planning and tap into Outcomes to optimize their third-party segments. "Audience Marketplace meets an important need to have unique healthcare audience segments included in a healthcare-focused DSP with the ability to optimize towards pharma-specific KPIs, such as Audience Quality, all within a single platform. Many of our customers already use audience segments from our new partners, and their direct integration will make it much easier to execute, measure, and optimize campaigns." Jen Werther, chief strategy officer at DeepIntent Audience Marketplace users benefit from greater convenience, faster time-to-activation, and improved data integrity and reporting compared with conventional methods, which require the use of costly and time-consuming third-party platforms. Segments within the Audience Marketplace are also matched with DeepIntent's industry-leading identity graph to prepare advertisers for the cookieless future, and provide daily physician-level data reporting for healthcare provider audiences. "Using integrated health data and Prognos Clinical Truths™ to ensure relevancy, healthcare marketers can rest easy knowing their messages are reaching the right physicians at the right time. Our partnership with DeepIntent makes the process of onboarding and activating HCP segments from Prognos seamless, and segments can further be optimized toward script performance in real-time when leveraging the advanced machine learning capabilities of DeepIntent Outcomes," said Matt Apprendi, vice president of marketing and media solutions at Prognos Health. About DeepIntent DeepIntent is leading the healthcare advertising industry with data-driven solutions built for the future. Built purposefully for healthcare marketers, DeepIntent's platform is proven to drive higher audience quality and script performance. It enables marketers to plan, activate, measure, and optimize their campaigns all within a single platform. Conceived by former Memorial Sloan Kettering data scientists, DeepIntent empowers nine of the top ten pharmaceutical companies and the leading healthcare advertising agencies to improve patient outcomes through the artful use of advertising, data science, and real-world health data.

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Satio and Institut Pasteur de Dakar Form Strategic Partnership on Research, Development, Manufacture, and Distribution

Satio, Inc and Institut Pasteur de Dakar | August 24, 2022

Satio, Inc., a privately held medical device company developing breakthrough, consumer-driven diagnostic and drug delivery solutions, announced a strategic partnership agreement with Institut Pasteur de Dakar. By combining SatioRxTM intradermal patches and Institut Pasteur de Dakar technologies, the partnership aims to accelerate clinical development of and access to vaccine patches for addressing epidemics, as well as diagnostic patches for blood sampling, genetic testing, and pathogen surveillance. Both entities also collaborate with INTACT, an innovative aseptic packaging company. The collaboration will enable access to immunization by exploring alternatives to vials such as plastic pouches for vaccines, and by replacing traditional needles with SatioRxTM intradermal patches and INTACT aseptic fluid transfer technology. The focus for the three-way collaboration will be for epidemics with pandemic potential. “Satio’s technologies are designed to transform the workflows in healthcare for blood draw, diagnostics and drug delivery using our patented patch-based technology. It’s an honor to partner with Institut Pasteur on these important initiatives specifically for Africa.” Namal Nawana, Executive Chairman and Founder of Satio "The global COVID pandemic has further highlighted the need for rapid and broad access to vaccines and, diagnostics in Africa and beyond. Satio’s technology has the potential to radically simplify the healthcare workflows and to enable delivery at a significantly lower total cost in healthcare systems globally" said Sharad Joshi, President & Chief Executive Officer of Satio. Dr. Amadou Alpha Sall, General Administrator of Foundation Institut Pasteur de Dakar, Senegal, said “Access to innovative health technologies for epidemics is critical to ensure an effective response to global threats. This collaboration aims to put Africa at the heart of vaccine innovation.” About Satio, Inc Satio, Inc., is a privately held medical device company focused on point-of-care patches with on board diagnostic and therapeutic solutions leveraging low-cost and user-friendly technology. The company is developing three different platforms. The first is a vaccine and drug delivery patch that allows for intradermal delivery. The second is a dry blood spot and whole blood sampling patches that allows for a wide variety of lab-based and genomic testing. The third is consumer-based diagnostic patch. About Institut Pasteur de Dakar The Institut Pasteur de Dakar (IPD) is a non-profit public interest foundation located in Senegal with the mission to advance public health in Senegal and Africa by conducting research, providing training and education, sharing scientific knowledge, and advancing vaccine production. Since its founding in 1896, IPD has been at the forefront of the fight against infectious diseases in West Africa. IPD is one of the four WHO prequalified manufacturers for yellow fever vaccine.

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Verizon Business Selected to Transform Astellas Pharma’s Global Network Infrastructure

Verizon Sourcing LLC | August 10, 2022

Verizon Business has been selected to manage Astellas Pharma Inc’s global network infrastructure. The network transformation will enable Astellas to harness advanced technologies to help reduce drug development timelines, healthcare costs and drive new revenue opportunities for the Japanese pharmaceutical multinational. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Astellas is a global pharmaceutical company involved in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of innovative new drugs under the vision of “Stand on the forefront of healthcare change to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients”. The company employs 14,000 employees worldwide. The company has identified digital transformation as a key driver of its business growth and began the search for a global partner to transform all aspects of its global technology infrastructure including building, designing and executing a next-generation secure network. In particular, Astellas was looking for a scalable and predictable platform that could seamlessly manage tens of thousands of devices and endpoints across Astellas’ 70+ global locations across a virtualized multi-sourced environment. Verizon’s relationship with Astellas stretches back more than a decade. In 2016, Astellas successfully deployed Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect solution to provide a high-bandwidth secure connection to its Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud services. Verizon’s current remit includes the build and deployment of Astellas’ global integrated network with a full suite of managed services, including Managed Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Managed Security Services Secure Gateway, Zero Trust Network Access and Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service. “From R&D to sales, we are seeing enormous amounts of data and intelligence flow through our business, across our 70 locations around the world. We want to ensure that we have a future-proof network in order to utilize cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and robotics to make data-driven decisions to deliver better value for our patients. Our network transformation will underpin the next phase of our growth.” Shinya Suda, Senior Vice President, Information Systems, Astellas “The network is transformative in its ability to enable innovation and growth and Astellas is changing the way they are using the tools at their disposal to completely revolutionize their business. This is truly a watershed moment for the pharmaceutical industry as companies grapple with the pressures of reducing time and costs for the development of drugs while improving patient care and value. We’re proud to have been a part of Astellas’ growth journey for more than a decade,” said Robert Le Busque, Regional Vice-President, Verizon Business Group, Asia Pacific. Today’s announcement builds on the company’s network-as-a-service foundation and supports its private networks, mobile edge compute and business solutions vectors of growth. Verizon Communications Inc. was formed on June 30, 2000 and is one of the world’s leading providers of technology and communications services. Headquartered in New York City and with a presence around the world, Verizon generated revenues of $133.6 billion in 2021. The company offers data, video and voice services and solutions on its award-winning networks and platforms, delivering on customers’ demand for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security and control. VERIZON’S ONLINE MEDIA CENTER News releases, stories, media contacts and other resources are available at News releases are also available through an RSS feed.

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Healthcare information technology has quickly become one of a clinician’s most powerful instruments. The implementation of technology to automate the collection and documentation of patient information, such as vital signs, continues to expand to users in more care settings within the hospital environment.