The McQuade Center for Strategic Research and Development and Mindset Pharma Collaborate to Develop Psychedelic Medicines

McQuade | January 06, 2022

The McQuade
The McQuade Center for Strategic Research and Development, LLC, a member of the global Otsuka family of pharmaceutical companies, and Mindset Pharma Inc. announce a collaboration that will support the development of psychedelic medicines. MSRD has made a strategic investment to support the discovery and development of novel chemical entity assets of Mindset, a drug discovery and development company focused on creating optimized and patentable next-generation psychedelic medicines to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders with unmet medical needs.

Exploring multiple paths is essential as we work to address the unique needs of individuals living with mental health conditions. We look forward to collaborating with Mindset on these assets and are hopeful that medical psychedelics could be approved to treat mental illness in the future.”

 Robert McQuade, Ph.D., president, McQuade Center for Strategic Research and Development, LLC, and chief strategic officer, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc

MSRD, which identifies and supports early-stage opportunities that can change the landscape of treatments for mental illness and renal disorders, will financially and operationally support the development of two families of Mindset’s novel medical psychedelic compounds through Phase 1a and Phase 1b clinical trials. MSRD has made an upfront cash payment of $5 million USD to Mindset and under the terms of the agreement, MSRD and Mindset may agree to expand the collaboration to continue to develop the compounds as pharmaceutical products.

In addition, Mindset has granted MSRD a right of first refusal with respect to any asset sale, exclusive licensing or collaboration opportunities pertaining to the drugs and a right of first negotiation with respect to a merger, acquisition or asset sale related to Mindset, both in exchange for the upfront payment, further collaboration, and funding of the development of Mindset’s novel compounds. MSRD also has the ability to potentially receive single-digit percentage royalty payments under certain circumstances when the right of first refusal is not consummated or the agreement is terminated.

“It is our great pleasure to collaborate with MSRD, a member company of Otsuka, to further the development of two of our families of novel psychedelic compounds. We look forward to leveraging their extensive experience in drug development and CNS indications to accelerate and de-risk our development pathway as we prepare to launch clinical trials,” said James Lanthier, chief executive officer of Mindset. “There is a high unmet need for innovative treatments of mental illness. This collaboration further validates our belief that optimized and patentable next-generation psychedelic compounds will be the future of treatments for mental illness.”

Mr. Richard Patricio, chairman of Mindset’s board, added, “This transformational transaction is a validation of what our team has accomplished over the last several years. We are ecstatic that Otsuka has chosen to collaborate with Mindset in the novel psychedelic drug development space and see this as a pivotal moment in Mindset’s maturation. Our team is excited to work closely with MSRD to help meet the unmet needs of millions of people worldwide suffering with a variety of mental disorders. The future is truly exciting.”

About Mindset Pharma
Mindset Pharma Inc. is a drug discovery and development company focused on creating optimized and patentable next-generation psychedelic medicines to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders with unmet needs. Mindset was established in order to develop next generation pharmaceutical assets that leverage the breakthrough therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs. Mindset is developing several novel families of next generation psychedelic compounds, as well as an innovative process to chemically synthesize psilocybin as well as its own proprietary compounds. For further information on Mindset, 

About the McQuade Center for Strategic Research and Development (MSRD)
Established in 2019, by the Otsuka pharmaceutical business in the U.S., the mission of MSRD is to search for, identify, and fund innovative early-stage research and development programs that have the potential to build the future portfolio of Otsuka products.

Otsuka is dedicated to investing in innovative and creative products in areas of unmet need and MSRD was created as an extension of this commitment to support and identify early-stage opportunities that can change the landscape of treatments for mental illness and renal disorders. 

About Otsuka
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a global healthcare company with the corporate philosophy: “Otsuka–people creating new products for better health worldwide.” Otsuka researches, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products, with a focus on pharmaceutical products to meet unmet medical needs and nutraceutical products for the maintenance of everyday health.


We've all heard it. Around one in three patients expect to switch providers in the next few years. This can be really costly to practices. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep those patients coming back to your office for years to come.

Other News

Dermaliq Therapeutics Signs USD 15 Million Series A Round to Advance Three Transformative Drug Therapies into Clinical Trials

Dermaliq Therapeutics | January 18, 2022

Novaliq GmbH, 3E Bioventures Capital and Beijing Whale Technology Corporation Ltd. today announced the establishment of Dermaliq Therapeutics, Inc (Dermaliq), a newly formed Delaware-based pharmaceutical development company, and the signing of a USD 15 million Series A financing round. 3E Bioventures Capital, a leading international life science investor, led the round and was joined by Beijing Whale Technology Corporation Ltd. Dermaliq's existing shareholder Novaliq has transferred, and licensed Intellectual Property (IP) related to the field of dermatology to Dermaliq. Skin diseases are the fourth leading cause of non-fatal disease burden worldwide, underscoring the role of dermatology in the growing field of global health. Skin conditions have significant impact on patients' well-being, mental health, and social participation. Although topical and local delivery of active ingredients to diseased skin is the preferred treatment route for the majority of patients, current therapies often lack satisfactory skin penetration and patient compliance. Dermaliq is developing the next generation of skin care therapies to enhance targeted penetration into skin tissues and to reduce unwanted side effects for millions of patients. The unique and proprietary technology now owned by Dermaliq, called hyliQ™, is designed to allow cutaneous drug delivery with unmatched bioavailability. The technology enables the development of superior, highly effective liquid drug products with exceptional cosmetic properties. The proceeds will be used to conduct three Phase 1/2a clinical dermatology programs with the goal to demonstrate safety and efficacy and to advance this novel skin care drug category to market to improve the lives of millions of patients: DLQ01 is a liquid drug candidate for the topical treatment of female and male androgenetic alopecia, targeting the prostamide E2 (PGE2) receptor in hair bulbs through specific follicular drug delivery. DLQ02 is a novel and liquid topical calcineurin inhibitor drug therapy for plaque psoriasis, particularly in difficult to treat areas. DLQ03 is a broad-spectrum liquid antibiotic drug candidate that targets topical treatment of bacterial skin and soft tissue infections, including the reduction of antibiotic-resistant strains. The Company has demonstrated proof-of-principle for enhanced topical drug delivery using hyliQ™ in nonclinical models for all three applications. "We are excited that 3E Bioventures Capital and Beijing Whale Technology Corporation have committed to support Dermaliq as new investors in the Series A round. Our spin-off from Novaliq and successful raising of significant funds provides us with the opportunity to build a leading specialty pharmaceutical company and expand the application of Novaliq's transformative drug delivery technology into dermatology." Dr. Frank Löscher, Chief Executive Officer of Dermaliq "3E is committed to investing in global leading life sciences and biomedical companies and help them grow with access to globalized resources and capabilities," said Karen Liu, Managing Director 3E Bioventures Capital. "Dermaliq is using a unique, and scientifically sound technology to achieve high efficiency drug delivery across the skin. The technology is already proven in ophthalmology and holds great promise for dermatology. We will be excited to explore additional drug pipelines in China and synergize with Dermaliq on both pre-clinical and clinical development." "Whale Technology values the solid science foundation of Dermaliq's proprietary hyliQ™ technology platform," said Ming Gao, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Whale Technology Co. Ltd. "Dermaliq's founding team demonstrates a great combination of science, clinical experience and commercialization strength. We see great potential of Dermaliq's pipeline in the field of dermatology after Novaliq's proven clinical and commercial success in ophthalmology." "Dermatology is the logical next step into using Novaliq's proprietary technology platform outside eye care," said Dr. Christian Roesky, Chief Executive Officer Novaliq. "The spin-off into an independent company allows Dermaliq to greatly benefit from our experience in ophthalmology while being fully committed to the multiple product development activities in dermatology, and likely to further broaden its pipeline to other skin conditions." To reflect the new shareholder structure, Karen Liu of 3E Bioventures Capital will join Dermaliq's Board of Directors. Dr. Löscher has also transitioned from his role as Chief Technology Officer at Novaliq to lead Dermaliq as its CEO & President. About Dermaliq Dermaliq Therapeutics, Inc. is a private company founded in 2021 through a spin off from Novaliq to reimagine topical dermatology. The Company is incorporated in Wilmington (DE), USA under Delaware law. The company has signed a USD 15 million series A round to advance three transformative skin care drug therapies through clinical trials. Key shareholders are Novaliq GmbH, 3E Bioventures Capital and Beijing Whale Technology Corporation Ltd. About 3E Bioventures Capital 3E Bioventures Capital is a healthcare venture capital firm, dedicated to investing in cutting-edge life sciences and biomedical technologies, with a focus on breakthrough first-in-class therapies and disruptive cross-disciplinary innovations in medical devices and diagnostics. 3E Bioventures takes on a science-driven, entrepreneur-friendly investment philosophy by working closely with companies and research institutions to develop drugs or products that have strong unmet medical needs. With offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and the San Francisco Bay Area, 3E Bioventures leverages its experience, capabilities, and network to help companies tap into markets and resources across the Pacific and advance with greater speed and capital efficiency. The motto of 3E Bioventures Capital is captured in its name 3E: Expertise, Efficiency, Execution. About Beijing Whale Technology Corporation Ltd Beijing Whale Technology Corporation Ltd. is a China-based pharmaceutical group committed to the long-term sustainable development in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and aesthetics. With more than 20 years of history, Whale Tech. has developed two core business units. On one hand, Whale Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Whale Chemistry Co. Ltd. and Whale Pharmatech Co. Ltd. are grouped as pharmaceutical and chemistry business unit. On the other hand, Whale Biotech is a research stage biotech company with the focus of developing aesthetics products. About Novaliq Novaliq is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the development and commercialization of first- and best-in-class ocular therapeutics based on EyeSol®, the worldwide first water-free eyedrop technology. Novaliq offers an industry-leading portfolio addressing today's unmet medical needs of millions of patients with eye diseases. Novaliq GmbH is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany and Novaliq Inc. has an office in Cambridge, MA, USA. The long-term shareholder is dievini Hopp BioTech holding GmbH & Co. KG, an active investor in Life and Health Sciences companies.

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New Interactive App From rXperius Set to Provide Pharma Industry with Vital Patient Experience Insights

rXperius | February 16, 2022

Patients can now provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with real-time feedback on prescription medicines they are taking following the launch of a new app by rXperius, a Raleigh, NC-based company that specializes in the design of innovative technology platforms. The MedXer app, which can be downloaded from the Apple and Google app stores, is the first prescription survey app that allows patients to give feedback on their medications in real time, and over time. MedXer pays patients for their experiences. The insights collected by the app will support the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to further improve patients’ lives by providing actionable data on patients’ individual experiences. MedXer is designed to complement other data analytics on consumer insights that drugmakers are already collecting. “We know how hard it can be for pharma to reach their true end users – patients. Pharmaceutical companies only receive direct feedback from a limited number of patients. Often, they have to rely on second- or third-hand information to gain any kind of understanding of patients’ medicines experiences. MedXer will bring the patients’ story to the manufacturer in a dynamic and actionable way,” Steve Castillo, Founder of rXperius Pharmaceutical companies will have access to an interactive dashboard that is updated daily to reflect the latest information collected through the app. All patient data is anonymized and aggregated before it is shared with third parties. The stakes for the pharmaceutical industry are high; manufacturers only have around five to seven years to recover the money they invest in bringing a medicine to market. A company will typically spend around $3.5 billion developing and launching a drug, but 40 percent of recent drug launches have failed to achieve a return on investment. Since the launch of MedXer on January 1, approximately eight percent of people who have viewed the app have downloaded it, above market trends of 1-2%. MedXer, which is currently available for migraine and depression medications, will be expanded to include medicines from other disease areas following completion of the initial launch phase. About rXperius rXperius is a data analytics startup that was established in 2019 by veterans of the pharmaceutical industry with a combined pharma experience of more than 100 years. rXperius was incorporated in Delaware in 2020 with HQ in Raleigh, NC.

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Vivera Partners with NINDS of NIH to Identify Potential Stuttering Treatments

Vivera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. | May 18, 2022

Vivera Biosciences, a division of Vivera Pharmaceuticals dedicated to the research and development of innovative medical technologies and pharmaceutical therapies, is pleased to announce its collaborative progress on a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke an Institute within the National Institutes of Health that aims to foster and advance cutting-edge neuroscience research to reduce the burden of neurological disease. The collaboration aims to identify therapeutic agents for the potential treatment of stuttering disorders, estimated to affect approximately 70 million people worldwide. Stuttering, also referred to as childhood-onset fluency disorder, is a neurological condition characterized by speech disfluencies, which can be disabling to patients affected. While there are currently no FDA-approved therapies for stuttering, in recent years, much has been discovered to understand the underlying neurological basis for the disorder. Scientists at Vivera and NINDS have discovered differences in the structure and function of the areas of the brain that regulate the timing and initiation of speech related to stuttering. These neurological revelations and the potential to develop related therapeutics inspired the partnership between Vivera and NINDS. The initiative is unique because of the individuals it will be led by: Vivera Biosciences' Investigator, Gerald A. Maguire, M.D., D.F.A.P.A., and NINDS' Principal Investigator, Shahriar SheikhBahaei, Ph.D. Both are persons who stutter and doctors who have dedicated their careers to understanding the disorder they share with millions of others and one they are working to develop novel treatments for. "I am grateful to the NIH, NINDS, and Vivera Biosciences for supporting this translational collaborative research with my friend and colleague, Dr. SheikhBahaei, as we potentially develop therapeutics to assist our stuttering community," said Dr. Maguire. Dr. Maguire is a world-renowned clinical researcher. He has over three decades of experience as an academic psychiatrist and has served as principal investigator for numerous studies involving investigational medications for various neuropsychiatric disorders, specializing in stuttering. "This collaboration may be an initial step toward developing novel and personalized therapeutic approaches for changing the course of the disorder for people who stutter," Dr. SheikhBahaei. Dr. SheikhBahaei's graduate studies focused on how astrocytic networks control activities of respiratory motor circuits within the brainstem. He currently leads the Neuron-Glia Signaling and Circuits Unit at NINDS, whose goal is to understand how different glial and neural cell types in the brain contribute to the neural circuits controlling voluntary speech production to enhance the ability to intervene in motor control disorders like stuttering. "Vivera is confident in our choice in partnership with NIH," said Vivera's Chief Medical Officer, Stephen J. McColgan, M.D., M.B.A. "Since day one, Vivera has been dedicated to the research and development of patient-centric treatments," said Paul Edalat, CEO of Vivera. "This partnership with NIH and NINDS is about bettering the lives of people who stutter, further solidifying the Company's commitment to our mission." About Vivera Pharmaceuticals Vivera Pharmaceuticals is an innovative, science-driven pharmaceutical company located in Southern California. The Company has global exclusivity to license the patented and patent-pending TABMELT® sublingual drug delivery system for pharmaceutical use and holds its own issued patents on ZICOH®, a smart dose-controlled electronic medical device. The Company has also received a Notice of Allowance for its portable telemedicine station, MDZone. With multiple divisions, including its pharmaceutical, neurosciences, medical technology, biosciences, and advanced diagnostics divisions, Vivera Pharmaceuticals is vertically integrated with patented technology, manufacturing capabilities, and distribution for its products.

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AmerisourceBergen Partners with Chronicled to Optimize Pharmaceutical Chargeback Accuracy Using Blockchain-Powered Technology

AmerisourceBergen | April 22, 2022

Global healthcare company AmerisourceBergen announced its partnership with Chronicled, the administrator of the MediLedger Network, to leverage a new blockchain-powered solution designed to enhance pharmaceutical chargeback accuracy and significantly reduce chargeback rejections. The blockchain solution will allow AB to streamline and optimize the complex process of pharmaceutical chargebacks while creating greater connectivity for its suppliers and customers. Over the past three years, AB has collaborated closely with Chronicled to design and pilot the technology for commercial use. Chronicled provides AB and industry partners with a shared, decentralized infrastructure that offers real-time visibility and contract updates to significantly reduce chargeback disputes and improve pricing accuracy. The blockchain-powered solution effectively enforces the accuracy and integrity of chargebacks submitted across AB’s pharmaceutical supply chain. “At AmerisourceBergen, it’s our responsibility to develop and leverage innovative solutions that create seamless and efficient experiences for our customers and the patients they serve every day. This wouldn’t be possible without trusted partnerships across the supply chain. Being a part of the MediLedger Network and deploying this type of blockchain technology is a crucial step forward in AmerisourceBergen’s ongoing digital transformation journey.” Dina Barton, Vice President, Contracts & Chargebacks at AmerisourceBergen Chargeback errors can occur for many reasons, but always result in manual processing, duplicate effort, and back-and-forth communication between trading partners to resolve them. Suppliers, wholesalers, and GPOs are constantly looking for ways to reduce errors, minimize chargeback disputes, and streamline this process. The Contracts & Chargebacks solution on the MediLedger Network will help AB provide its partner suppliers and GPOs a single source of truth for GPO membership, customer identifier data, and contract pricing data that stays aligned between trading partners on the network. The network itself uses this aligned reference data to enforce chargeback accuracy. Blockchain technology and increased collaboration across the industry are essential in driving efficiencies, reducing costly errors, and significantly improving the chargeback process. "We are excited and thrilled to have AmerisourceBergen join the MediLedger Network," said Susanne Somerville CEO of Chronicled. "We share AmerisourceBergen’s commitment to innovation and driving efficiencies across the industry and look forward to supporting their partners joining the network.” By creating greater connectivity with supplier partners and customers, AB expects this new solution will deliver higher quality results across its supply chain network. About AmerisourceBergen AmerisourceBergen fosters a positive impact on the health of people and communities around the world by advancing the development and delivery of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. As a leading global healthcare company, with a foundation in pharmaceutical distribution and solutions for manufacturers, pharmacies, and providers, we create unparalleled access, efficiency, and reliability for human and animal health. Our 42,000 global team members power our purpose: We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. AmerisourceBergen is ranked #8 on the Fortune 500 with more than $200 billion in annual revenue. About Chronicled Chronicled, a San Francisco-based technology company, enables automation, trust, and automatic settlement for intra-company transactions in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry. Through the industry leading blockchain-powered MediLedger Network, Chronicled offers trading partners a new way to manage revenue, automate manual processes, and eliminate revenue leakage, while ensuring pricing accuracy and efficiency for health care providers and dispensers.

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We've all heard it. Around one in three patients expect to switch providers in the next few years. This can be really costly to practices. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep those patients coming back to your office for years to come.