Jazz Pharmaceuticals Announces Agreement to Divest Sunosi® (solriamfetol) to Axsome Therapeutics

Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc | March 28, 2022

Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to divest Sunosi® a dual-acting dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor shown to improve wakefulness in adults living with excessive daytime sleepiness due to narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea to Axsome Therapeutics. Under the terms of the agreement, Axsome will receive the rights to Sunosi in all of the existing territories available to Jazz. Jazz will receive attractive financial terms including an upfront payment of $53 million, a high single-digit royalty on Axsome's U.S. net sales of Sunosi in current indications and a mid-single-digit royalty on Axsome's U.S. net sales of Sunosi in future indications.

The divestiture of Sunosi to Axsome will enable Jazz to sharpen its focus on its highest strategic priorities designed to deliver sustainable growth and enhanced shareholder value. In assessing the positioning of Sunosi in the overall treatment landscape, Jazz determined Axsome would be well positioned to deliver access to this important medication and to maximize the value of Sunosi to Jazz through future growth. Sunosi's consistent positive feedback from patients, HCPs and providers is underscored by its well-established and clinically meaningful efficacy. Importantly, Jazz and Axsome are committed to ensuring that patients receive uninterrupted access to Sunosi throughout the transition.

Wake-promoting agents are most often prescribed by psychiatrists, neurologists and general practitioners. Therefore, Jazz believes Axsome is well placed to leverage its commercial business, which will have highly complementary call points, to drive Sunosi as one of the lead products in their portfolio and ensure Sunosi can continue to reach those patients who may benefit from this important medicine.

"This transaction advances our efforts to deliver sustainable growth, enhanced shareholder value and drive the transformation of Jazz to an innovative, global biopharmaceutical leader. Jazz will continue to be laser-focused on investing in our highest strategic priorities including our ongoing launches, advancing our pipeline, pursuing opportunistic corporate development and achieving margin expansion. Through our development and launch of Sunosi, the Jazz team has laid the foundation for Axsome to continue supporting people who may benefit from this much-needed treatment. As a leader in sleep medicine and rare epilepsies, with a growing oncology franchise, Jazz remains committed to developing new, innovative therapies in neuroscience and oncology for patients and delivering on our recently announced Vision 2025."

Bruce Cozadd, chairman and CEO of Jazz Pharmaceuticals

"We are impressed by the clinically meaningful efficacy, unique mechanism of action, positive patient and physician feedback and growth potential of Sunosi, and are excited by the excellent strategic fit with the Axsome portfolio. The addition of Sunosi will augment and accelerate our commercial preparedness ahead of the potential near-term launches of our two existing lead assets and allows us to fully leverage our first-in-class Digital Centric Commercialization™ platform with three complimentary assets," said Herriot Tabuteau, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Axsome Therapeutics.

Sunosi is a dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor indicated for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adult patients. Sunosi is the first DNRI approved to treat EDS in adults living with narcolepsy or OSA. 

About Sunosi®
Sunosi is a dual-acting dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor shown to improve wakefulness in adults living with excessive daytime sleepiness due to narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Sunosi received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval on March 20, 2019, to improve wakefulness in adult patients with EDS associated with narcolepsy or OSA and was designated a Schedule IV medicine by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency on June 17, 2019. In 2014, Jazz Pharmaceuticals acquired a license to develop and commercialize solriamfetol from Aerial Biopharma LLC. Jazz Pharmaceuticals has worldwide development, manufacturing, and commercialization rights to solriamfetol, excluding certain jurisdictions in Asia. SK Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., the discoverer of the compound, maintains rights in 12 Asian markets, including Korea, China and Japan. Sunosi has orphan drug designation for narcolepsy in the United States.

About Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc is a global biopharmaceutical company whose purpose is to innovate to transform the lives of patients and their families. We are dedicated to developing life-changing medicines for people with serious diseases – often with limited or no therapeutic options. We have a diverse portfolio of marketed medicines and novel product candidates, from early- to late-stage development, in neuroscience and oncology. Within these therapeutic areas, we are identifying new options for patients by actively exploring small molecules and biologics, and through innovative delivery technologies and cannabinoid science. Jazz is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has employees around the globe, serving patients in nearly 75 countries. 


Together with Cyprotex, we have created this colourful infographic on how to avoid costly late-stage delays or failures during drug discovery and development. The key to success is the early identification of potential liabilities.

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ADDING MULTIMEDIA Entos Pharmaceuticals Expands R&D Operations into the US

Entos Pharmaceuticals | June 08, 2022

Entos Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing genetic medicines with its Fusogenix proteolipid vehicle (PLV) nucleic acid delivery platform, announced today the opening of its new 9,600 square foot research and development facility in the Torrey Pines community of San Diego, California. This collaborative space will be shared with Entos’ sister companies, Oisín Biotechnologies, OncoSenX, and Aegis Life, allowing the companies to expand their team and infrastructure and support continued growth. Entos’ new office and lab space is located at the MUSE in Torrey Pines, a redeveloped 186,000 square foot life sciences property completed in 2021. Featuring three buildings, the campus was designed with walking paths, a locally-sourced restaurant, and conference space with indoor and outdoor seating. The US location complements Entos’ existing Canadian headquarters and R&D facilities in Edmonton, Canada, and new offices in London, UK. “We’re excited to move into our new lab space in San Diego, which is becoming one of the largest biotechnology hubs in the world for pharmaceutical research and innovation. This is a significant milestone for Entos as we continue developing genetic medicines for some of our most challenging diseases.” John D. Lewis, Ph.D., founder, and CEO of Entos Pharmaceuticals Entos’ proprietary Fusogenix PLV drug delivery system is formulated with FAST proteins to enable the delivery of nucleic acid cargo, such as DNA and RNA, directly into target cells. This technology is applicable to a wide range of genetic medicines. Unlike conventional lipid-based and viral-based delivery systems, Fusogenix PLVs have demonstrated, in multiple studies, to be well tolerated at high systemic doses, redosable, and able to target multiple tissues in the body. This announcement comes on the heels of two significant collaborations that began in late 2021, granting exclusive rights to Entos’ Fusogenix PLV nucleic acid delivery technology to research, develop and commercialize therapeutic genetic medicines. The first agreement was with BioMarin to target certain rare diseases. The second was a license agreement with Eli Lilly for multiple programs for central and peripheral nervous system diseases and came with an initial payment of $50M and $400M in milestones per program. About Entos Pharmaceuticals A new reality in genetic medicine lies ahead, one that will be ushered in with the advent of safe, effective, and redosable nucleic acid delivery technologies. At Entos, we develop next generation genetic medicines using our proprietary Fusogenix proteolipid vehicle (PLV) drug delivery system. Fusogenix PLVs are formulated with FAST proteins to enable the delivery of nucleic acid into target cells through direct fusion.

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Daewoong Pharmaceutical and HanAll Biopharma Invest in Turn Biotechnologies to Expand Growth Initiative

Daewoong Pharmaceutical and HanAll Biopharma | April 12, 2022

Daewoong Pharmaceutical and HanAll Biopharma announced expansion of their open collaboration strategy by investing in Turn Biotechnologies, a Silicon Valley based company focused on developing novel mRNA medicines. The companies are supporting Turn Bio's continued development of a high-potential platform and are considering future long-term collaborations. Turn Bio is a pre-clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on cellular repair via epigenetic reprogramming of cells. The technological foundation for Turn Bio's proprietary Epigenetic Reprogramming of Age (ERA™) methodology was developed by Turn Bio's co-founders in the Sebastiano Lab, Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Stanford School of Medicine. The technology has since been patented and Turn Bio is currently using it to complete pre-clinical research on therapies targeting indications in dermatology and immunology, as well as developing therapies for ophthalmology, osteoarthritis and the muscular system. "Many age-related diseases have long been significant areas of patients' unmet need. Turn Bio's innovative platform may bring a pivotal transformation to a wide array of therapeutic areas. HanAll is committing support and investment to help realize the full potential of this pioneering technology as Turn Bio advances to a new phase of growth." Dr. Almira Chabi, chief medical officer and chief development officer at HanAll Pharmaceutical International "The support of Daewoong Pharmaceutical and HanAll Biopharma validates our approach to cellular rejuvenation and enables Turn to expand its efforts in multiple therapeutic indications," said Anja Krammer, the company's CEO. "We are thrilled that a company as well known for its innovation, has taken interest in our promise to transform the way medicine treats diseases of aging and we look forward to further collaborations to help change quality of life and healthcare economics globally." The proceeds from this round of financing will support Turn Bio's advancement towards a phase 1 trial of its mRNA therapy candidate TRN-001, which targets indications in dermatology. About HanAll Biopharma Co., Ltd. HanAll Biopharma is a global biopharmaceutical company founded in 1973, with a mission of making meaningful contributions to patients' lives by introducing innovative, impactful therapies to address severe unmet medical needs. HanAll has been operating a portfolio of pharmaceutical products in areas ranging from endocrine, circulatory, and urologic diseases for more than 48 years. HanAll has also expanded its focus to ophthalmology, immunology, oncology and neurology to discover and develop innovative medicines for patients with diseases for which there are no effective treatments. A leading pipeline asset, HL161 (INN: batoclimab), an anti-FcRn antibody drug, is in Phase 3 and Phase 2 trials across the world for the treatment of rare autoimmune disorders including myasthenia gravis, thyroid eye disease, warm autoimmune hymolytic anemia, neuromyelitis optica, and immune thrombocytopenia. Another main asset, HL036 (INN: tanfanercept), an anti-TNF alpha protein drug, is in Phase 3 clinical trials in the US and China for the treatment of dry eye disease. About Daewoong Pharmaceutical. Co., Ltd. Established in 1945, Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a leading South Korean pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes pharmaceuticals for both domestic and international markets. With a strong and innovative in-house R&D and advanced manufacturing facilities, Daewoong provides a total healthcare solution to customers across the globe. Continuing on its course of building a strong global healthcare company, Daewoong has broadened international operations by establishing branch offices and research centers throughout Asia and the United States. Daewoong has also expanded strategic partnerships in more than 100 countries worldwide. About Turn Biotechnologies Turn Bio is a pre-clinical-stage company focused on repairing tissue at the cellular level. The company's proprietary mRNA platform technology, ERA™, restores optimal gene expression by combatting the effects of aging in the epigenome. This restores the cells' ability to prevent or treat disease, and heal or regenerate tissue and will help to fight incurable chronic diseases.

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FDA Accepts Dupixent® (dupilumab) for Priority Review in Adults with Prurigo Nodularis

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. | May 31, 2022

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Sanofi announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has accepted for Priority Review the supplemental Biologics License Application (sBLA) for Dupixent® Medical (dupilumab) to treat adults with prurigo nodularis, a chronic skin disease that causes extreme itch and inflammatory skin lesions. The target action date for the FDA decision is September 30, 2022. The sBLA is supported by data from two pivotal Phase 3 trials evaluating the efficacy and safety of Dupixent in patients 18 years and older with prurigo nodularis Both trials met the primary and key secondary endpoints, showing Dupixent significantly improved disease signs and symptoms compared to placebo, including reduction in itch and skin lesions. The safety results from these trials were generally consistent with the known safety profile of Dupixent in its approved dermatology indications. The adverse event more commonly observed with Dupixent was conjunctivitis. The FDA grants Priority Review to therapies that have the potential to provide significant improvements in the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of serious conditions. Additional regulatory filings around the world are also planned in 2022.The potential use of Dupixent in prurigo nodularis is currently under clinical development, and the safety and efficacy have not been fully evaluated by any regulatory authority. About Prurigo Nodularis People with prurigo nodularis experience intense, persistent itch, with thick skin lesions (called nodules) that can cover most of the body. Prurigo nodularis is often described as painful with burning, stinging and tingling of the skin. The impact of uncontrolled prurigo nodularis on quality of life is one of the highest among inflammatory skin diseases due to the extreme itch and is comparable to other debilitating chronic diseases that can negatively affect mental health, activities of daily living and social interactions. High-potency topical steroids are commonly prescribed but are associated with safety risks if used long-term. There are approximately 75,000 people in the U.S. who are unable to control their disease with systemic therapy and are most in need of a treatment option. About Dupixent Dupixent, which was invented using Regeneron's proprietary VelocImmune® technology, is a fully human monoclonal antibody that inhibits the signaling of the interleukin-4 (IL-4) and interleukin-13 (IL-13) pathways and is not an immunosuppressant. The Dupixent development program has shown significant clinical benefit and a decrease in type 2 inflammation in Phase 3 trials, establishing that IL-4 and IL-13 are key and central drivers of the type 2 inflammation that plays a major role in multiple related and often co-morbid diseases. These diseases include approved indications for Dupixent such as asthma, atopic dermatitis, chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis (CRSwNP) and eosinophilic esophagitis, as well as investigational diseases such as prurigo nodularis. Dupixent is approved for use in certain patients with atopic dermatitis, asthma, CRSwNP or eosinophilic esophagitis in different age populations in a number of countries around the world. Dupixent is currently approved across these indications in the U.S. and for one or more of these indications in the European Union and Japan and more than 60 countries. More than 400,000 patients have been treated with Dupixent globally. About Regeneron's VelocImmune Technology Regeneron's VelocImmune technology utilizes a proprietary genetically engineered mouse platform endowed with a genetically humanized immune system to produce optimized fully human antibodies. When Regeneron's President and Chief Scientific Officer George D. Yancopoulos was a graduate student with his mentor Frederick W. Alt in 1985, they were the first to envision making such a genetically humanized mouse, and Regeneron has spent decades inventing and developing VelocImmune and related VelociSuite® technologies. Dr. Yancopoulos and his team have used VelocImmune technology to create approximately one in five of all original, FDA-approved or authorized fully human monoclonal antibodies currently available. This includes Dupixent, REGEN-COV® (casirivimab and imdevimab), Libtayo® (cemiplimab-rwlc), Praluent® (alirocumab), Kevzara® (sarilumab), Evkeeza® (evinacumab-dgnb) and Inmazeb™. Dupilumab Development Program Dupilumab is being jointly developed by Regeneron and Sanofi under a global collaboration agreement. To date, dupilumab has been studied across 60 clinical trials involving more than 10,000 patients with various chronic diseases driven in part by type 2 inflammation.

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Angelini Pharma, a New Partner in Epilepsy

Angelini Pharma | March 26, 2022

On the occasion of Purple Day an annual international event aimed at raising awareness of epilepsy, Angelini Pharma, international Italian pharmaceutical company, is committed to provide patients and healthcare professionals with innovative solutions improving the care of patients with epilepsy. Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that typically results in seizures of various types, with focal seizures being the most common one.1 The essential treatment goal of epilepsy therapy is seizure freedom.2 The global disease burden of epilepsy is high. 3,4 A diagnosis of epilepsy confers significant disability on the individual, including physical, psychological, and social issues that negatively impact self-esteem, family environment, relationships, leisure and working life. 3,5 Long-term outcomes for patients who have not responded to at least 2 antiepileptic drugs remain without significant improvement for more than 2 decades despite the availability of many new antiepileptic drugs. 6,7 Indeed, even today 40% of all patients with epilepsy do not achieve seizure freedom despite treatment with 2 different drugs.6,8 The probability of achieving the therapeutic goal of seizure freedom decreases significantly with each failed treatment. 6 Aware of the existence of an unmet medical need, Angelini Pharma is committed to make available a new anti-epileptic drug. The product received the Market Authorization from the European Medicines Agency in March 2021 and many Early Access Program authorization across European countries, including in France. The product is already marketed in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Denmark. About Angelini Pharma Angelini Pharma is an international pharmaceutical company, part of the Italian privately group owned Angelini Industries. Angelini Pharma is committed to helping patients in the therapeutic areas of Mental Health Rare Diseases and Consumer Healthcare. In particular, Angelini Pharma is committed to brain health working every day to reduce and mitigate neurological disorders, while restoring and protecting mental health and cognitive function.

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