CCT Research Announces New Partnership with BEKHealth

CCT Research | February 18, 2022

CCT Research has announced an exciting partnership with BEKHealth. The collaboration streamlines access to electronic medical records (EMR) data, across CCT sites and drives a data-driven approach to trial execution and management.

CCT has established itself as an innovator in conducting clinical trials. Using BEKHealth, a provider of software solutions for enhancing clinical research processes, will enable CCT to more accurately identify and fit studies to its sites. The deep commitment by both companies to improving the outcomes of clinical trials made the relationship a natural fit.

One of CCT’s driving forces is to promote an environment of innovation and continuous improvement. Our partnership with BEKHealth strengthens our ability to identify potential research participants, ultimately creating greater accessibility to clinical trials.”

Jennifer Kocour, President, CCT Research

More than just a “technology” partnership, this collaboration with BEKHealth is also patient-centric– which remains a top priority for CCT. Once studies are awarded, it will power onsite research by identifying patients who fit studies best, saving sites, patients, and staff time and hassle.

“At the individual site level, our goal is to optimize research to be as beneficial to the practice and its patients as possible with minimal disruption to the clinics day-to-day operations. We view data and technology as central to that strategy and couldn’t be more excited to work with BEKHealth,” said Kyle McAllister, Vice President, Data & Analytics, CCT Research.

“The breadth and depth of CCTs network was an exciting opportunity. The ability to leverage technology to centralize key drivers of success such as feasibility, site selection, patient recruitment and analytics drives a new paradigm in clinical research,” said Jason Baumgartner, CEO and Founder, BEKHealth. “Our platform is secure and activation creates a minimal burden on IT teams. What this means for the provider and patient is our collaboration will have a major impact quickly.”

“We provide an integrated clinical operating platform that enables companies to streamline research across multiple key processes,” said Josh Ransom, PhD, Vice President, Customer Experience, BEKHealth. “Ultimately this means our partners can scale their businesses faster by improving operational efficiency while taking out manual and inefficient steps.”

About CCT Research
CCT Research is a network of clinical research sites embedded in the offices of skilled physicians conducting clinical trials to offer patients with innovative medical treatments and safe, effective care options.

CCT Research was founded in 2017 and has more than 20 locations across Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Nebraska, Nevada, and Utah. The sites are located within physicians’ offices, within ACO networks, and several dedicated research centers.

CCT supports research in Neurology, Family Practice, and Dermatology, with plans to include additional therapy areas soon. The company's unique model simplifies the process for trial participants and provides pharmaceutical sponsors with high-quality data.


Pharma companies are working hard to build effective patient access programs and implement an effective commercial strategy around it.

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Avidien Technologies Receives $4M Investment from BroadOak Capital Partners

Avidien Technologies | February 02, 2022

Avidien announced a new financing round of $4M from BroadOak Capital Partners. The investment will help Avidien expand its product roadmap, scale commercial production, and better serve research and pharmaceutical clients. "The partnership with BroadOak is exciting and ushers in the next phase for Avidien by creating the opportunity to quickly scale up the business with investments in new products, sales, marketing, and manufacturing." Avidien CEO and Founder Rich Cote Avidien's flagship product, the microPro 300, provides precision semi-automated 96 and 384 channel pipetting to hundreds of biotech, medical testing, and research laboratories worldwide. The compact and portable liquid handling platform has built a loyal customer base thanks to its innovative design, intuitive interface, and industry-leading capabilities. The microPro 300 fills gaps in automation workflows by streamlining repetitive pipetting tasks and ensuring accurate, repeatable liquid transfers. BroadOak Capital Partners is a life sciences focused financial institution with a track record of supporting companies at the forefront of major industry trends. "Aviden's affordable pipette automation platform sets a new standard for common research methods and is at the cutting edge of laboratory automation technology. We're proud to partner with the Avidien team to help them achieve even greater growth," said Bryan Poltilove, Operating Partner at BroadOak Capital Partners. Mr. Poltilove is also joining Avidien's Board of Directors to guide the company's next phase of business expansion. About Avidien Technologies Avidien Technologies is a Massachusetts based company that manufactures innovative and precision liquid handling solutions that are deployed in life science labs around the world. About BroadOak Capital Partners BroadOak Capital Partners, with headquarters in Washington, DC and San Francisco, is a life sciences focused financial institution that provides direct investment and investment banking services to companies in the research tools and consumables, diagnostics, biopharma services, and adjacent markets. BroadOak has led or participated in investments in more than 50 companies across multiple funds and investment vehicles.

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Pneuma Systems collaborates with West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. to improve the patient experience

Pneuma Systems Corporation | April 08, 2022

Medical technology company, Pneuma Systems Corporation, has entered a multi-faceted business collaboration with West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. with the goal of improving the patient's experience with drug therapy. West is a leading global manufacturer in the design and production of technologically advanced, high-quality, integrated containment and delivery systems for injectable medicines. Pneuma Systems Corporation has developed a family of fluid flow technologies that are aimed at scientific and medical applications. The global intravenous pump market segment is expected to reach USD 20.5 billion over the next five years. Pneuma will provide a novel closed-loop fluid flow control platform that West will use to develop drug delivery solutions for pharmaceutical companies and clinical end users. West will provide technical and financial support to Pneuma and access to the emerging West Digital Platform, designed to improve transmission of data and other information. "West's almost century-long commitment to the development of drug delivery systems dovetails with our cutting-edge flow control technology. West's latest foray into a broad digital architecture is very important to us. When you improve both fluid flow and information flow, the result is an improvement in workflow, which results in higher levels of patient safety and lower costs," said Pneuma CEO Jeffrey Carlisle. "We are aiming at disruptive improvements in workflow." "We are excited about our collaboration with Pneuma and the potential of their technologies to address a variety of flow control challenges to drive improvements in healthcare. At West our mission is to improve patient lives not only through our products and services but also by investing in small innovative companies and offering our deep technical and commercial expertise to help them bring their transformation technologies to the market," Scott Young, VP Venture & External Collaboration at West Pneuma Systems, together with its strategic partners, plans to install PneumaDrive™ technology-based infusion devices in infusion centers, home care, and acute care settings around the world. The low cost PneumaDrive™ technology can replace existing infusion pumps and automate "gravity drip" infusions, providing patients with a safer and easier experience. About Pneuma Pneuma Systems is a New Hampshire based company founded by Jeffrey Carlisle, also Founder of the recently acquired Ivenix. Pneuma is dedicated to improving fluid flow, information flow, and workflow for the IV therapy process. About West West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative, high-quality injectable solutions and services. As a trusted partner to established and emerging drug developers, West helps ensure the safe, effective containment and delivery of life-saving and life-enhancing medicines for patients. With approximately 10,000 team members across 50 sites worldwide, West helps support our customers by delivering over 45 billion components and devices each year.

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AIkido Pharma Reports Improved Manufacturing Process and New United States Patent for Pancreatic Drug

AIkido Pharma Inc. | March 04, 2022

AIkido Pharma Inc.reported an improvement in the manufacturing process for its pancreatic cancer drug, DHA-dFdC, licensed from the University of Texas at Austin. The Company also reported the issuance of an additional U.S. patent covering the drug, and the filing of a continuation patent application intended to expand patent coverage to other facets of the drug. With respect to manufacturing process, the Company reported the successful development of a new means for the scaled production and isolation of the key intermediate compound in the manufacture of DH-dFdC. The Company has now executed a further contract with its contract manufacturing organization, Parimer Scientific, to employ the new process to produce several thousand milligrams of the drug for use in formulation development and stability studies. The Company also reported that the U.S. Patent Office recently issued new U.S. Patent No. 11,219,633, which provides additional intellectual property protection for the drug compound. The term of the patent is expected to continue until May of 2035 with the payment of required maintenance fees. Prior to the patent issuance, the Company authorized the timely filing of a patent continuation application, U.S. Serial No. 17/539,682, in which additional claims related to various aspects of the drug and formulation will be pursued. "This new process significant step forward in the development of our pancreatic cancer drug and should permit production of the drug on a commercial scale at a lower cost. I am also pleased that we can continue to report expansion of the patent estate." Anthony Hayes, CEO of AIkido Richard T. Pace, Owner and Principal Scientist of Parimer Scientific, stated, "The newly developed manufacturing method is a large step forward for this innovative technology. I believe it will reduce cost per unit and at the same time increase batch production volumes." About AIkido Pharma Inc. AIkido Pharma Inc. was initially formed in 1967 and is a biotechnology Company with a diverse portfolio of small-molecule anticancer and antiviral therapeutics. The Company's platform consists of patented technology from leading universities and researchers, and we are currently in the process of developing an innovative therapeutic drug platform through strong partnerships with world renowned educational institutions, including The University of Texas at Austin and University of Maryland at Baltimore. Our diverse pipeline of therapeutics includes therapies for pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer. We are constantly seeking to grow our pipeline to treat unmet medical needs in oncology. The Company is also developing a broad-spectrum antiviral platform that may potentially inhibit replication of multiple viruses including Influenza virus, SARS-CoV (coronavirus), MERS-CoV, Ebolavirus and Marburg virus.

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Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals and Selexis SA Will Advance Hemogenyx’s Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) CDX Bispecific Antibody to Human Trials

Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals plc | January 13, 2022

Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals plc the biopharmaceutical group developing new therapies and treatments for blood diseases, and Selexis SA, a JSR Life Sciences company, have signed a service agreement to develop the cell line for Hemogenyx’s CDX bispecific antibody for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Under the agreement, Hemogenyx will leverage Selexis’ proprietary SUREtechnology Platform™, a suite of cell line development tools and technologies that significantly reduces the time, effort, and costs associated with developing high-performance mammalian cell lines. The CDX bispecific is made using the Hemogenyx’s proprietary humanised monoclonal antibody against a target on the surface of AML cells. CDX was co-developed by Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly and Company (“Lilly”). This cutting-edge application of immune therapy offers a potentially more benign and effective form of treatment that, if successful, could have a significant impact on treatment and survival rates for AML. CDX is planned to be the Company’s second therapeutic candidate to enter clinical trials. Following the completion of the co-development phase, Lilly granted the Company an exclusive worldwide license to certain intellectual property developed by Lilly related to the CDX bispecific antibody for all uses, including the treatment of AML and other blood cancers. “We are delighted to partner with Selexis, and access its proprietary protein expression tools and technologies, IP and know-how. The partnership is key to advancing our CDX programme into clinical trials and accelerating the timeline to deliver this innovative therapy to patients in need of a more benign and effective treatment for AML.” Dr. Vladislav Sandler, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals Mr. Dirk Lange, CEO of Selexis, added, “There’s an urgent need for effective treatments for AML, and we at Selexis are pleased to apply our technologies to help Hemogenyx advance the CDX bispecific antibody to the clinic. We’ve built a reputation for delivering cell lines rapidly and cost-effectively, without compromising safety. This is an exciting milestone for Hemogenyx and we welcome the opportunity to join the company on its journey toward delivering a promising and effective therapy for patients with AML.” Selexis’ modular SUREtechnology Platform™ facilitates the rapid, stable, and cost-effective production of recombinant proteins and vaccines, providing seamless integration of the development continuum from discovery to commercialization. About Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals plc Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals is a publicly traded company headquartered in London, with its US operating subsidiaries, Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals LLC and Immugenyx LLC, located in New York City at its state-of-the-art research facility. The Company is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical group developing new medicines and treatments to treat blood and autoimmune disease and to bring the curative power of bone marrow transplantation to a greater number of patients suffering from otherwise incurable life-threatening diseases. Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals is developing several distinct and complementary product candidates, as well as a platform technology that it uses as an engine for novel product development. For more than 50 years, bone marrow transplantation has been used to save the lives of patients suffering from blood diseases. The risks of toxicity and death that are associated with bone marrow transplantation, however, have meant that the procedure is restricted to use only as a last resort. The Company’s technology has the potential to enable many more patients suffering from devastating blood diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma, as well as severe autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, aplastic anemia and systemic lupus erythematosus (Lupus), to benefit from bone marrow transplantation. About Selexis SA Selexis SA, a JSR Life Sciences company, is the global leader in cell line development with best-in-class modular technology and highly specialized solutions that enable the life sciences industry to rapidly discover, develop and commercialize innovative medicines and vaccines. Our global partners are utilizing Selexis technologies to advance more than 146 drug candidates in preclinical and clinical development and the manufacture of eight commercial products. As part of a comprehensive drug development process, the Company’s technologies shorten development timelines and reduce manufacturing risks.

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