27-year-old Search Marketing CEO Lands 13-stop U.S. Speaking Tour

Directive Consulting | May 29, 2019

Garrett Mehrguth, the CEO and co-founder of the B2B and enterprise search marketing agency, Directive, recently was selected to speak at 13 stops of the Digital Summit tour. Digital Summit, the largest conference series in the digital marketing industry, has invited Mehrguth to share his unique presentation, "5 Data-Validated Tactics to Increase the Experienced Marketer's Qualified Lead Volume (...and 3 Tactics That Are Guaranteed to Fail)" with their audiences across the nation. Mehrguth will continue to discuss how B2B and enterprise marketers can advance their digital "discoverability" and take control of their residency on search engine results pages. This approach has catalyzed Directive's growth by 300 percent year-over-year. It also is the foundation that the firm's strategies are built on, which is utilized across their portfolio of over 75 clients. "I've had the pleasure of working with Garrett over the past year, as he has proven to be a stand-out speaker in our Digital Summit Series," said Leah Harris, content and product strategist for Digital Summit. "We curate 20 marketing conferences with over 1,000 speakers in total, and Garrett consistently engages the crowd with his expertise and surveys in the top 20 percent of speakers."


Antimicrobial resistance is the ability of a microbe to resist the effects of medication that once could successfully treat the microbe.

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IAMA Therapeutics Announces Initiation of Preclinical Development Studies in Drug-resistant Epilepsy Under a Service Agreement with Psychogenics

IAMA Therapeutics | July 26, 2022

IAMA Therapeutics, a preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel medicines to make a difference in the lives of individuals suffering from brain disorders, and PsychoGenics Inc., a leader in AI-enabled phenotypic drug discovery and preclinical CRO services, today announced that the companies have entered into a service agreement to identify the efficacy of novel drug candidates in drug-resistant epilepsy. Under the terms of the agreement, PsychoGenics will evaluate the preclinical anti-seizure efficacy of first-in-class selective-NKCC1 inhibitors, which aims to reduce intracellular chloride concentration and restore the physiological hyperpolarizing and inhibitory GABAergic transmission in an animal model of refractory epilepsy. "PsychoGenics is a leader in preclinical behavioral neurobiology with a successful track record of anti-epilepsy drug testing through translational EEG approaches, including electrographic and behavioral identification of seizure. We look forward to leveraging our collective expertise in neuroscience drug development to identify and evaluate the anti-seizure efficacy of new drug candidates, to enhance further and complement our pipeline of differentiated therapeutic opportunities for epilepsy, neurodevelopmental and cognitive disorders." Andrea P. Malizia, Ph.D., MBA, Chief Executive Officer of IAMA Therapeutics “We are excited to embark of these studies with IAMA Therapeutics” said Stephen Morairty, Ph.D., Vice President of Translational Neuroscience at PsychoGenics. “Using our pre-clinical MTLE model, will carefully evaluate the efficacy of these first-in-class selective-NKCC1 inhibitors.” About IAMA Therapeutics IAMA Therapeutics is a preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing novel medicines to make a difference in the lives of children and adults suffering from epilepsy, neurodevelopmental and cognitive disorders. IAMA Therapeutics couples emerging advances in drug discovery and neurobiology to build a leading, next-generation neuroscience pipeline to selectively inhibit the sodium-potassium chloride cotransporter and other therapeutic targets relevant to brain disorders characterized by neuronal imbalance. The company's preclinical pipeline consists of the lead candidate IAMA-6 for the treatment of idiopathic autism, IAMA-097 for the treatment of secondary and rare forms of autism, and other compounds for treating refractory epilepsy and other brain disorders. About PsychoGenics Inc. PsychoGenics is a leader in vivo phenotypic drug discovery. The company applies its proprietary technology platforms in partnership with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to discover the next generation of drugs for neuropsychiatric disorders. PsychoGenics' capabilities include standard behavioral testing, electrophysiology, translational EEG, molecular biology, and state-of-the-art microdialysis. In addition, the company offers a variety of in-licensed transgenic mouse models that support research in areas such as Huntington's disease, Autism spectrum disorders, psychosis/schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, sleep, and Spinal Muscular Atrophy muscular dystrophy and other muscle disorders.

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Hyfe Joins Forces with Merck to Deploy Its Artificial Intelligence-Powered Cough Detection and Counting Technology

Hyfe, Inc. | July 20, 2022

Hyfe, Inc., the global leader in AI-powered cough detection, tracking and classification, has entered into an agreement with Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, to integrate its artificial intelligence-powered (AI) cough tracker technology into Merck’s consumer disease educational efforts.. Hyfe’s AI-powered technology passively and remotely monitors the number of times a person coughs and the sound of the cough through any smart device, such as a mobile phone. This data collected over time provides the user with helpful information by revealing patterns and potential triggers like seasonal allergies that may be causing the cough that would otherwise go unnoticed or unaddressed. “The overwhelming majority of people cannot even come close to accurately estimating the number of times they cough per day. In order to help diagnose and treat patients, cough frequency and sound should be monitored and measured with the same accuracy as blood pressure, temperature, heartbeat and other biomarkers that are essential for assessing health and medical conditions.” Peter Small, M.D., chief medical officer of Hyfe, Inc Users of the app will be able to determine when and how long to track their coughing. The AI-powered technology records cough-related sounds and allows the user to compare the frequency and quality of their coughs against their own benchmark. This personalized approach provides users with more detailed information and confidential data about their individual situations to share with their health care providers. Hyfe, Inc. is the global leader in AI-powered cough detection and classification that provides insight into cough patterns and correlations that can greatly improve treatment and prevention. With more than 280 million samples, Hyfe maintains the largest cough dataset in the world enabling the building of powerful models to track, manage and diagnose respiratory illnesses. Hyfe provides platforms and data for pharmaceutical companies, medical researchers, government agencies, health care providers and patients and has partnerships with leading academic institutions including Johns Hopkins University and the University of California at San Francisco. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.

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ALR Technologies Completes Definitive Manufacturing Agreement with Infinovo Medical for the GluCurve Pet CGM Hardware

ALR Technologies | June 30, 2022

ALR Technologies SG Pte. Ltd the diabetes management company, announces the completion of a definitive manufacturing agreement with Infinovo Medical Co. Ltd to manufacture and supply the Continuous Glucose Monitor hardware that will be utilized as part of the ALRT GluCurve Pet CGM. The Manufacturing Agreement gives ALRT the exclusive global rights to distribute the Infinovo CGM hardware for the animal health market, providing long-term production and supply. Subject to the satisfaction of all closing conditions it is expected that initial deliveries of product by Infinovo will be made during Q4 of 2022 “Executing the Manufacturing Agreement with Infinovo marks another major milestone in our path to commercialization and profitability. Our next targeted milestone is securing distribution for the ALRT GluCurve Pet CGM. We have been working with many of the largest global distributors and pharmaceutical companies in animal health, evaluating different distribution opportunities ranging from joint venture partnerships to sales and distribution agreements. We believe we have narrowed in on the right company and right deal structure to best bring value to our shareholders and to those who care for diabetic pets. We hope to announce the details of this pivotal next step in the near future.” Sidney Chan, Chairman and CEO of ALRT The Manufacturing Agreement is subject to certain closing conditions including the completion of a distribution agreement with a third party by July 31, 2022. About Infinovo Medical Co. Ltd Founded in 2016, Infinovo is an innovative medical technology company, focusing on developing an accurate and affordable CGM for patients which will be available for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics. ALR Technologies SG Pte. Ltd. ALRT is a data management company that developed the ALRT Diabetes Solution, a comprehensive approach to diabetes care that includes an FDA-cleared and HIPAA compliant diabetes management system that collects data directly from blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring devices, and a patent pending Predictive A1C algorithm to track treatment success between lab reports and an FDA-cleared Insulin Dosing Adjustment program. ALRT also offers an algorithm to provide prescribers support for timely non-insulin medication advancements. The overall goal is to optimize diabetes drug therapies to drive improved patient outcomes. The program tracks performance of all clinical activities to ensure best practices are followed. The ALRT Diabetes Solution gives healthcare providers a platform for remote diabetes care, helping to minimize patient exposure to potential infections in clinical settings. Currently, the Company is focused on diabetes and intends to expand its services to cover other chronic diseases anchored on verifiable data. In addition, the animal health division of ALRT has identified an unmet need in diabetes care and has developed GluCurve; a solution to assist Veterinarian Doctors to determine the efficacy of insulin and to help to identify the appropriate dose and frequency of administration of insulin for companion animals, thereby delivering the same optimization of diabetic drug therapies to pets as to humans. ALR Technologies SG Pte. Ltd. is controlled by ALR Technologies Inc., a Company with its shares traded on the OTC:QB under the symbol “ALRT”. On May 17, 2022, ALR Technologies Inc. announced an Agreement and Plan of Merger and Reorganization for the sole purpose of changing the Company’s jurisdiction of incorporation from Nevada to Singapore (the “Redomicile Merger Agreement”). The Redomicile Merger Agreement is subject to the required approval of the Company’s stockholders, requisite regulatory approvals, the effectiveness of the registration statement on Form F-4 filed by ALRT related to the Redomicile Merger, and other customary closing conditions. The Redomicile Merger is expected to be completed during the third quarter of 2022. See the Form 8-K filed May 20, 2022, by ALR Technologies Inc. for further information about the Redomicile Merger Agreement.

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Element Materials Technology Announces Completion of its Acquisition by Temasek

Element and Temasek | July 08, 2022

Element Materials Technology a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification services, has completed its acquisition by Temasek, a global investor headquartered in Singapore. Temasek has been a minority shareholder in Element since 2019. Temasek has acquired Element from Bridgepoint, whose successful ownership has been an important part of a more than ten-fold increase in Element’s turnover over the past decade. The acquisition, which was subject to regulatory approvals, was previously announced on 25th January 2022. As a highly differentiated TIC leader with a track record of technical expertise, Element is a trusted partner to customers, supporting them from early R&D, through complex government approvals, and into production, with a focus on laboratory-based testing. Its 7,000+ scientists, engineers, and technologists, based across a global network of more than 200 laboratories in 30 countries, serve technically demanding and highly regulated sectors, ensuring products are safe and sustainable. Element works with customers across a wide spectrum, from developing the next generation of aircraft, spacecraft, and autonomous vehicles, to vaccine component testing in its US pharmaceutical laboratories; and from the certification of smartphones and wearable technologies, to providing 5G carrier approvals and developing connected robots. The Group generates annual revenues of more than $1 billion and has grown at over 20% a year over the last ten years. It is well-positioned to accelerate this growth as it builds deeper leadership positions in critical end-markets including life sciences and connected technologies. Element also benefits from strong global ESG tailwinds - with over 60% of its work directly supporting customers on their sustainability journeys, it will continue to play a critical role in the decarbonization of the global economy. “We are delighted to complete this landmark transaction with Temasek, and to begin work on the next chapter of Element’s story. Their partnership over the last three years has been hugely beneficial to our growth. Today, Element is the partner of choice to companies at the forefront of innovation, from advanced medical science to autonomous cars, and has one of the most talented and highly qualified teams in the TIC space. Jo Wetz, CEO of Element We are excited to build upon that legacy of success and drive Element forward by scaling our business further through strategic investments and acquisitions, with a focus on high growth end-markets such as life sciences and connected technologies. Element will continue to play a crucial role in supporting our customers on their sustainability journeys, and in making tomorrow safer than today.” Allan Leighton, Non-Executive Chairman of Element, said: “Element is a true success story – a talented management team leading an exceptional group of experts across offices and laboratories in more than 30 countries around the world. We’re now entering another exciting chapter of purpose-driven growth, together with our customers and our new owners”. Chris Busby, partner at Bridgepoint, said: “Element has been bold in its ambition, delivered impressive organic growth, and implemented a targeted acquisition strategy. As a result, it has significantly expanded its expertise for over 50,000 customers worldwide and become an undisputed heavyweight in TIC. We are proud of what Element has achieved and wish them continued success in the future.” Element was advised by Bank of America Securities, Goldman Sachs and Rothschild & Co A&O EY BCG DLA, Jamieson and PwC. About Element The Element Materials Technology Group is one of the world’s leading global providers of testing, inspection, and certification services for a diverse range of products, materials, and technologies in advanced industrial supply chains where failure in use is not an option. Headquartered in London, UK, Element’s c.7,000 scientists, engineers, and technologists, working in our global network of over 200+ laboratories, support customers from early R&D, through complex regulatory approvals, and into production ensuring their products are safe and sustainable, and achieve market access. In 2021, Element set out its new, industry leading environmental commitments, adopting science-based targets and committing to net zero emissions across its entire global business by 2035. These environmental commitments follow Element’s achievement of the highest ESG ranking in the testing, inspection and certification industry from Sustainalytics, a global leader in ESG research and data. About Temasek Temasek is a global investment company with a net portfolio value of S$381 billion as at 31 March 2021. Headquartered in Singapore, it has 13 offices in nine countries around the world. The Temasek Charter defines Temasek’s three roles as an Investor, Institution, and Steward, which shape its ethos to do well, do right, and do good. As a provider of catalytic capital, it seeks to enable solutions to key global challenges. With sustainability at the core of all Temasek does, it actively seeks sustainable solutions to address present and future challenges, as it captures investible opportunities to bring about a sustainable future for all.

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