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Widespread Clinical Studies Can Reinvigorate the Legalization Movement for Cannabis

April 17, 2019 / Sonja Sherritze

Researchers and scientists are constantly developing new, innovative medicines to effectively treat patients. However, the cost to conduct clinical trials and then receive approval to commercialize a drug is absurdly expensive. The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development estimated that in 2017, it cost pharmaceutical companies approximately USD 2.7 Billion to bring medicine from invention stages to shelves. And even after pharmaceutical companies are granted approval to commercialize, studies have concluded that many of these drugs negatively harm consumers. Now, the growing concern over the mental and physical health damage caused by traditional medicines have prompted medical institutes to reevaluate, which has, in turn, brought forth medical cannabis into the spotlight. Small-scale research and clinical trials have concluded that medical cannabis can effectively treat medical conditions that common medications such as opioids also treat. Moreover, cannabis is significantly ch...