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Whos toughest on drug prices. Watch Trump and his 2020 challengers wrestle for the title

July 16, 2019 / Kyle Blankenship

One year away from the next presidential election, the rising cost of prescription drugs is once again at the forefront of American politics, with action plans from two Democratic candidates in two days. And brace yourselves, drugmakers: Analysts figure the target on your backs will only get bigger. After former VP Joe Biden unveiled a price-hike-limiting plan Monday, Sen. Kamala Harris has now unfurled her own proposals to combat rising drug costs—and they'd be a major blow for drugmakers. The escalation from Democratic candidates could lead to a contest for the most punitive pricing plan with President Donald Trump, who's made big promises to rein in pharma that haven't yet paid off. Harris’ “People Over Profit” plan would require the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to put a hard cap on select prescription drug prices at the average price in other developed nations, she said in a statement Tuesday. The government’s price cap wou...