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USANA launches new, cutting-edge Mood and Relaxation product line at Americas and Europe Virtual Convention

August 18, 2020 / Prnewswire

Managing occasional stress and keeping a calm mind are vital for navigating today's world. And USANA's new Mood and Relaxation product line is designed to help. The company's annual Americas and Europe Convention went virtual this year, and USANA continued to impress with the launch of its new Stress Relief mood-support supplement and Calm Response essential oil balm. These products take a natural and mindful approach to overall health and well-being.* To find out more about USANA and its new Mood and Relaxation product line, please visit usana.com. "The launch of our new product line marks a pivotal moment in USANA's history," says Dan Macuga, USANA's chief communications and marketing officer. "We are expanding our reach into a new market space, and the quality of our new products prove it's a space we belong. Day-to-day stressors and obstacles can be overwhelming, and I'm proud USANA has formulated products to help our customers maintain po...