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Teva undergoes rebranding

September 04, 2019 / Anna Smith

Teva has launched a new patient-centric brand in the UK, marked by a “refreshed visual identity” and a new digital platform entitled ‘Life Effects’. The rebrand will be launched at the 2019 NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester, after being drawn from insights from more than 1,000 patients across the UK. The platform is shaped by patients for patients, and shines a light on their real-world experiences and stories. It consists of articles, videos and podcasts that offer information, insight and inspiration to people suffering from one or more chronic conditions, including multiple sclerosis, migraine or mental health, with a particular focus on the impact a condition has on a patient’s day-to-day life. Teva announced that by working with a core group of patient contributors on an ongoing basis, Life Effects is able to offer a first-hand, credible perspective on what it’s like to live with a chronic condition.