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Spectrum Pharmacy Products Introduces New Line of Pharmaceutical Bases

September 09, 2019 / BioSpace

Spectrum Pharmacy Products, a division of Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corporation and a leading North American distributor of pharmaceutical compounding chemicals, equipment and supplies, has announced the introduction of a new line of pharmaceutical bases to meet the needs of compounders in providing the best care for their patients. The high-quality Spectrum bases cover a broad range of therapeutic categories: hormone replacement therapy, dermatology, veterinary applications, sports medicine and pain formulas. Elizabeth Ferguson-Brown, Vice President, Spectrum Chemical, said, “Spectrum Pharmacy Products continues to play an active role in meeting the evolving needs of compounding pharmacists. With our new compounding bases we are helping our customers in serving their patients with the best formulations for a variety of specific conditions.” Spectrum Pharmacy Products offers bases that accommodate all concerns including skin type, sensitivities, and active ingredient ...