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PharmaBoardroom Releases 'Healthcare and Life Sciences Review China' April 2019 Pharma Report

April 22, 2019 / thechestnutpost

From the world’s ninth largest pharma market in 2007 to its second-biggest merely 12 years later, China and its growth story are impossible to ignore. China now accounts for a significant share of revenues for most major multinational pharmaceutical companies and almost 40 percent of total global venture capital investment across all industries in 2018 came from the Middle Kingdom. Further, Chinanow has ambitions to become a global biotechnology powerhouse – a push supported by the state. For any healthcare or life sciences company sincerely committed to bringing treatments to the greatest number of patients, a footprint in China is a must, given that the country’s population of 1.3 billion people makes up nearly a fifth of the world’s total. China’s massive and unprecedented economic growth over the last 40 years has lifted millions of its citizens from poverty and created numerous investment opportunities across a variety of fields. This is especially tr...