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Oxford Biomedica, Santen enter retinal disease R&D alliance

June 26, 2019 / Anna Smith

Oxford Biomedica and Santen have announced plans to enter into a research and development collaboration and option and licence agreement for development of gene therapy vectors for inherited retinal disease. The aim of the collaboration is to generate pre-clinical proof of concept to treat an inherited retinal disease with lentiviral vectors developed and manufactured by Oxford Biomedica, and includes a licence to use the company’s LentiVector platform. John Dawson, chief executive officer of Oxford Biomedica, said that the company is “delighted to have formed our first collaboration in Japan. Santen is a leading, multi-national ophthalmology company developing an innovative gene therapy product for the treatment of a significant inherited retinal disease affecting patients with few or no therapy options. Inherited retinal diseases are ideal candidates for gene therapy because many of the responsible genetic mutations have already been identified. In addition, the eye is a ...