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Omega Therapeutics launches with focus on epigenetic drugs

September 24, 2019 / Pharmaceutical Technology

US-based Flagship Pioneering has launched a genomics medicine company, Omega Therapeutics, to develop drugs that will leverage the human genome to cure or treat various diseases. The epigenetic drugs regulate genomic expression without impacting nucleic acid sequences. Omega Therapeutics was originally founded in 2017, developing a platform to accurately control the human genome’s Insulated Genomic Domains (IGDs), the fundamental regulator, or GenomStats. Based on the mechanism, the company will engineer genomic modulators, Omega Controllers, for precise tuning of genomic activity to desired therapeutic levels to tackle the biological cause of disease. Flagship Pioneering general partner David Berry said: “Omega’s proprietary platform technology allows us to develop therapeutics for disease control and potentially impact the way we treat and manage a broad range of illnesses.