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OBI Pharma Announces OBI-999 Presentation at 2020 World ADC Digital Meeting

September 14, 2020 / Prnewswire

OBI Pharma, Inc, a leader in Glycosphingolipid Immuno-Oncology therapeutics targeting the Globo Series antigens (Globo H and SSEA-4) and chemotherapeutics targeting AKR1C3, today announced a scientific presentation will be held for OBI-999 (anti-Globo H targeted ADC) at the World ADC Digital Scientific meeting on Sept 16, 2020. The scientific presentation titled, "A Novel Globo H-targeting Antibody-drug Conjugate: OBI 999" with a follow-up live discussion and question session will be led by Ming-Tain Lai, PhD. Chief Scientific Officer at OBI Pharma. The presentation will highlight the results from pre-clinical studies of OBI Pharma's first-in-class anti-Globo H antibody drug conjugate (OBI-999), including animal efficacy and safety data, supporting the ongoing Phase 1/2 human study ongoing at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX (USA).