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NHS hospitals join with NVIDIA, using AI to interpret radiology scans

May 10, 2019 / Richard Staines

The collaboration is part of King’s London Medical Imaging and AI Centre for Value-Based Healthcare, an ongoing project intended to transform 12 clinical pathways in oncology, cardiology and neurology, as well as improve diagnoses and patient care in the NHS. NVIDIA hopes the work could lead to breakthroughs in classifying stroke and neurological impairments, determining the underlying causes of cancers and recommending the best treatments for patients. King’s is installing NVIDIA systems providing 2-petaflops of graphics card-powered supercomputers for AI research, as part of the first phase of the project. It will also use an NVIDIA toolkit along with its own imaging technologies as well as those from partners such as Kheiron Medical, Mirada and Scan. The toolkit from NVIDIA will consist of libraries for data and image processing, AI model processing, and visualisation. Researchers and engineers from NVIDIA and King’s will also join clinicians from major London hosp...