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NHS has ‘big tech’ patient data analysis fears

November 26, 2019 / Anna Smith

A new survey has revealed that the mass majority of NHS staff are not comfortable with the idea of “big tech” companies such as Facebook and Apple analysing their patient data. The YouGov poll discovered that just 12% of healthcare professionals felt comfortable with the companies analysing their anonymised patient data, despite 81% thinking that general analysis of such data would help enable quicker diagnosis and more effective treatment. Specifically, the survey participants mentioned that they were not comfortable with “big tech” companies that pay little tax, with just 17% saying that they would trust the companies to handle the data in a “confidential manner.” Despite the majority of the 1,027 staff surveyed having “a good grasp of the benefits that can be achieved for patients by the effective use of patient data”, Rachel Power, chief executive of the Patients Association said that “It is important that full information shoul...