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Nanoparticles for RNA Vaccine Delivery Help Stop Melanoma Tumor Growth

October 01, 2019 / Medgadget

RNA vaccines are a promising way to harness the immune system to fight cancers and infections. Some are currently in clinical trials, but the technology is still in its early stages. A major impediment to the effectiveness of RNA vaccines is the difficulty in getting them into the correct immune cells to produce the desired proteins and guaranteeing that the immune system will respond with sufficient force. To help with this, chemists at MIT have created a range of lipid nanoparticles that can be used as delivery vesicles for RNA vaccines. These nanoparticles have already been shown to improve target protein production and increase the effectiveness of the immune system in fighting melanoma tumors in mice. “One of the key discoveries of this paper is that you can build RNA delivery lipids that can also activate the immune system in important ways,” said Daniel Anderson, the senior author of the study, in an MIT press release. RNA vaccines have to penetrate antigen-presentin...