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Medicure Announces Termination of ReDS™ Pro Marketing and Distribution Agreement

August 20, 2020 / Prnewswire

Medicure Inc. a pharmaceutical company, today announced the termination of the marketing and distribution agreement with Sensible Medical Innovations Inc. ("Sensible") for the marketing of the ReDSTM Pro ("ReDS Pro") device in the United States. In connection with the termination, Sensible and the Company have entered into a transition agreement which provides additional compensation to Medicure for sales to customer leads provided by Medicure. Medicure continues to hold a 7.71% equity stake, on a fully diluted basis, in Sensible Medical Innovations Ltd. ("Sensible Medical"), the parent company of Sensible. Medicure will continue to support Sensible in its transition to a new marketing and distribution arrangement in order to secure its investment in Sensible Medical.