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Medical Marijuana Allowed in California K-12 Schools

October 11, 2019 / C Reardon

Gavin Newson, the governor of California and the leading 2016 proponent of the recreational pot legalization initiative Proposition 64, signed a bill on Wednesday that will allow parents of students in some California school districts to bring cannabis to their children at K-12 campuses. The bill states that medical cannabis can be administered to students by parents on campus if approved by their school board. However, the law indicates that cannabis cannot be administered through vaping or smoking form. Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo, California, emphasized the importance of the bill in allowing hundreds of students who suffer from illnesses, including epilepsy, to access their prescribed dosages of cannabis oils, pills, and creams. He also explained that for many of these youth, medical marijuana is the only medication that works. This bill will allow them to receive these cannabis products with as little disruption as possible during the school day.  Parents will be required ...