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MarkLogic Launches Pharma Research Hub to Accelerate Drug Research and Results

May 17, 2019 / A.R. Guess

According to a recent press release, “MarkLogic Corporation, the next generation data platform provider for simplifying data integration, today announced the MarkLogic® Pharma Research Hub to enable pharmaceutical companies to lower drug trial costs and accelerate research. This is achieved by helping researchers quickly and easily find, synthesize and share high-quality data – including, genetic, proteomic, drug, textual, binary and clinical trial data – within a single cloud service. The MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub uses machine learning and other advanced technologies including semantics, fuzzy matching, relevance ranking and rich metadata to manage, organize and retrieve information. As a fully managed cloud service, the Pharma Research Hub can be set up in minutes and ingests data 10x faster than custom-developed solutions – with zero IT management burden.” The release goes on, “By working with five of the largest global pharmaceutical comp...