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Lilly to invest $400m to boost manufacturing capacity in US

November 21, 2019 / Pharmaceutical Technology

Eli Lilly is set to invest $400m to boost the capacity of its manufacturing facilities at its technology centre campus in Indianapolis, Indiana, US. The move is intended to meet the increasing demand for the company’s existing medicines and to support the production of future drugs in its pipeline. Lilly will use the capital to add enhancements to facilities that manufacture insulin, boost capacity for its diabetes portfolio and as initial capital for future drugs. Furthermore, the company expects the investment to create nearly 100 jobs in manufacturing. Eli Lilly chairman and CEO David Ricks said: “These investments demonstrate Lilly’s commitment to our manufacturing footprint in Indiana and the US and have been made possible by the tax reform measures passed by Congress in 2017. “With more capital available as a result of tax reform, Lilly and other Indiana companies are able to re-invest and expand production here at home.” The investment will bring ca...