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Lawyers pitch massive opioid negotiation plan to bring 'global peace' to legal battle

June 17, 2019 / Eric Sagonowsky

Thousands of cities and counties have sued opioid drugmakers and distributors for an alleged role in a nationwide epidemic, and now lawyers for the plaintiffs have pitched a novel process to aid settlement talks. It's an idea that could simplify the legal process and offer drugmakers "global peace" to complex litigation, they contend. Lawyers for plaintiffs filed documents outlining a novel “negotiation class” that would represent every city and county in the U.S., or 24,500 jurisdictions, in settlement talks with drugmakers and distributors. About 1,850 cities and counties have already filed lawsuits, Reuters reports, but the lawyers wrote that others are still affected by a nationwide epidemic. “It is self-evident that each city and county has a vital interest in, and a real need for, financial relief from, and better practices by, the defendants,” the lawyers wrote in a Friday filing. Cities and counties would be able to opt out if they choose. ...