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Japan approves Roche’s tumour agnostic cancer drug Rozlytrek

June 18, 2019 / Richard Staines

Japan has become the first country to approve Roche’s personalised cancer drug Rozlytrek (entrectinib). Roche added entrectinib to its pipeline through its $1.7 billion buyout of Ignyta at the end of 2017 in a move that brought it into competition with Bayer and its newly acquired targeted therapy specialist unit, Loxo. Rozlytrek is a “tumour agnostic” oral medicine that targets any advanced recurrent solid tumour with neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase (NTRK) fusion mutations. It is the first such medicine approved in Japan that targets NTRK gene fusions, which have been identified in a range of hard-to-treat solid tumour types, including pancreatic, thyroid, salivary gland, breast, colorectal and lung. Japan’s Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare approved the drug quickly after it was granted “Sakigake” designation. The data package for this approval includes the pivotal phase 2 STARTRK-2, phase 1 STARTRK-1 and phase I ALKA-372-001 trials. Data...