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Intertek Expands Pharma Services Facility

May 01, 2019 / pharmtech

Intertek, a provider of total quality assurance, has announced the expansion of its pharmaceutical services laboratory in Melbourn, near Cambridge, United Kingdom, through the acquisition of a new 20,000 sq. ft facility. The new facility doubles the current footprint of the company’s laboratory and is under development. The newly expanded facility is expected to open towards the end of 2019 and should provide capacity for more than 100 additional employees, which the company will recruit over a four-year period, it was revealed in a May 1, 2019 press release. This new facility is located adjacent to the company’s current good manufacturing practice (GMP) laboratory and will expand the inhalation and nasal testing resources. Additionally, it will provide a dedicated laboratory space that will focus on formulation development of inhaled biologics aimed at meeting the increasing demand from global clients.