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Improved Pharma Continues to Expand Their Offerings to Meet Customer Needs

September 15, 2020 / Prweb

Improved Pharma has expanded their offerings by acquiring S. I. Photonics’ top-of-the-line spectrophotometer, model 440. This model has a high sensitivity, low noise CCD detector that enables the collection of a full spectrum within a second. The power of this instrument is enhanced by the number of accessories and dip probes that permit easy sampling of a variety of materials. The dip probes can be used to monitor reactions in real-time and are especially useful for obtaining quick data during dissolution experiments by placing the probe directly into the dissolution vessel. Dip probes of various path lengths (1 cm, 0.5 cm, and 0.2 cm) allow for the successful analysis of a wide range of solvents and concentrations. A standard cuvette holder can also be used. In addition to UV-Vis detection, HPLC is also available.