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Guardant’s blood test outperforms standard tissue biopsy in landmark NSCLC study

February 28, 2019 / Conor Hale

A head-to-head study pitting Guardant Health’s lung cancer blood test against the standard, tissue-based testing found that the liquid biopsy was able to deliver similar results much faster and with more accuracy—which Guardant says makes the case for its blood-based genomic test to be performed first for all newly diagnosed patients. The study examined 282 patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer over nearly two years, with each taking the Guardant360 liquid biopsy aimed at circulating cell-free DNA, as well as the physician’s choice of tissue-based test. When it came to identifying patients with at least one of seven guideline-recommended predictive genomic biomarkers—EGFR, ALK, ROS1, BRAF, RET, MET and ERBB2, which can also aid in treatment selection—Guardant360 detected alterations in 77 patients, while tissue-based testing found 60; a similar rate, if a little higher.