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Greek prosecutors drop another inquiry in Novartis bribery case, but 3 remain open

August 30, 2019 / Angus Liu

Allegations that Novartis bribed top Greek officials may look even flimsier now that prosecutors have decided to toss out yet another line of inquiry. But the case isn’t dead yet. Greece’s corruption prosecutor Eleni Touloupaki found no reason to continue investigating the country’s central bank chief Yannis Stournaras over bribery claims that involve Novartis, The Associated Press reported. Stournaras, the Bank of Greece governor, is the seventh of 10 top government officials to be cleared in the case, including two former prime ministers. However, Touloupaki is now seeking parliamentary approval to investigate former health minister Andreas Loverdos, the news site Kathimerini reported, even though previous reports said investigators had found no evidence of his accepting bribes. The case also remains open for Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis and EU Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos, according to the local newspaper. The probe stemmed from whistleblower allega...