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Gender imbalance expected in senior pharma roles until 2090

July 18, 2019 / Anna Smith

This years definitive Women Count has reported that there has been no progress on gender diversity in senior roles in the FTSE 350, and that only 3.7% of FTSE350 companies have female CEOs  down from 4.6% two years ago. Funded by The Pipeline, the UKs leading gender diversity business, this research tracks the number of women in executive positions and on executive committees and has found that 2019’s results show this has been another “wasted year of little to no progress.” The data also show that more than 85% of companies have no women executives on their main boards, only 9% of executive directors on main boards are women - unchanged since 2017 – and a mere 17% of FTSE350 executive committee members are women, a tiny increase of just 0.8% since last year. Pharma, however, continues to see more mixed results throughout the sector. It has almost tripled representation of women on executive committees (now at 26% up from 9% in 2018), however the representa...