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Early missteps, transparency questions dog U.S. government's remdesivir rollout: reports

May 08, 2020 / Eric Sagonowsky

When there’s only one proven therapy for a global pandemic that’s infected millions—and a limited initial supply—how exactly should officials distribute it? So far, the U.S. government hasn't figured it out, reports say. When Gilead Sciences scored its groundbreaking FDA emergency use authorization for COVID-19 therapy remdesivir, the company made the unusual move of handing distribution rights to the federal government. But the rollout has gotten off to a rocky start, according to reports. The medicine—the only one so far to demonstrate positive controlled results against COVID-19—hasn’t gone to certain high-priority hospitals that needed it most, Axios reports. Instead, some remdesivir doses “went to the wrong places,” an unnamed senior Trump administration told the publication.