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Digital transformation in pharma slow moving, study suggests

November 26, 2019 / European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Magazine

The study, undertaken by marketing consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners shows that 59% of pharma, medtech and consumer healthcare companies still lack a fully defined digital strategy. Healthcare companies define their strategies using different models. In 56% of cases, a dedicated digital team defines the strategy, while in another 42%, a new or existing commercial team takes on this role. Typically, digital health strategies are initiated by companies’ headquarters; only in rare cases do individual countries or business units act independently. Almost 90% of those surveyed say their company’s headquarters defines the strategy for all business units, and 66% report that the headquarters takes over planning for all geographic levels. However, the case that a strategy is applied at both geographical and organisational levels, only occurs to 14% of respondents who already have a defined strategy. Over half of the companies in this category see themselves as digital front r...