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CQC approves UK clinic to prescribe medical cannabis

October 09, 2019 / Victoria Rees

The CQC decision marks the first time the agency has given its approval for a clinic to prescribe patients with medical cannabis in the UK. he Care Quality Commission (CQC) has granted its approval to Sapphire Medical Clinic to offer medical cannabis in the UK. The clinic is the first in the UK to receive official endorsement from the regulatory body for this service. The clinic is now able to offer access to patients for medical cannabis for all conditions acknowledged to benefit from it. Other conventional pharmaceutical drugs and treatments will also be available as part of a comprehensive treatment pathway. Dr Mikael Sodergren, Managing Director and academic lead at Sapphire Clinics said: “We can now be the lifeline for GPs who are not permitted to prescribe themselves but who think their patients could benefit from medical cannabis. From today those GPs can be sure that their patients are able to be treated in the UK by world-class experts in their conditions, who understand...