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Coeliac UK, Innovate UK announce £180K research funding available

June 06, 2019 / Anna Smith

Coeliac UK and Innovate UK have announced that the companies have £180k available for research and are inviting applications from UK businesses and researchers. The collaboration is launching a second research call to industry and researchers to make improvements for people living with the autoimmune condition, coeliac disease. Criteria for the projects must underpin and support Coeliac UK's top ten research priorities, for example improving diagnostics for coeliac disease, refractory coeliac disease and gluten related neurological conditions, developing tools for the long term management of coeliac disease and enhancing the quality of staple gluten free food. Hilary Croft, CEO of Coeliac UK said that the company wants to “change the course of coeliac disease treatment through improved diagnostics, technology and food innovations that truly bridge the gap between people, health professionals and products. Research has the power to do this and by combining forces with In...