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Cascade Chemistry Initiates $14 Million Expansion of cGMP Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity

February 19, 2021 / Shivaji Dound

Cascade Chemistry, a main pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization, today declared inception of development of new offices intended to expand the organization's ability to manufacture APIs (dynamic pharmaceutical ingredients) under cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices standards and procedures).

The new offices, expected to be operational in the main quarter of 2022, will eventually expand the organization's floor space just about three-overlay and essentially add to its cGMP manufacturing limit and scale. The extension likewise incorporates 2,200 square feet of new insightful labs, a powerful quality framework and extra office space.

“This $14 million expansion reflects our growing success as a reliable, experienced and flexible outsourcing partner with exceptional chemistry problem-solving expertise,” said Jeremiah Marsden, PhD, President of Cascade Chemistry. “Our customers are increasingly requesting our assistance in producing APIs for their clinical trials, and demand has outstripped our cGMP manufacturing capacity. We were fortunate to acquire two suitable buildings just 10 minutes from our current facility, and construction of new cGMP manufacturing suites that will greatly increase our clinical trial API production capacity is now underway.”

The 28,000-square-foot fabricating currently under development will at first incorporate five suites for Phase 1 and Phase 2 cGMP manufacturing with stream hydrogenation and reactors up to 400 liters. Extra limit with respect to API Phase 3 and business scale cGMP manufacturing up to 1,000 liters will be included 2022. The subsequent structure, with 7,000 square feet, is saved for future development.

Dr. Marsden continued, “We ultimately will expand into the second new building to build further cGMP capacity for commercial-stage low-volume, high-value pharmaceuticals. We are grateful for the support from our customers that is driving this expansion, as well as our employees’ dedication to excellence and their creativity and hard work that make it all possible.”

About Cascade Chemistry
Cascade Chemistry specializes in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) process development, scale-up and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturing. Most of our chemists have advanced degrees and are capable of crafting process solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients, while adhering to strict FDA quality standards. We offer cost effective and rapid solutions for the development and manufacturing of API cGMP batches at 1-10 kg scale, and we will begin offering greater capacity at our new facility in 2022. It has been our philosophy for almost 40 years that quality is a key component of successful cGMP manufacturing. We view quality as a guiding principle, achieved by rigorous due diligence at each step of the development and manufacturing process. Cascade Chemistry is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon.