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Angelini Pharma, Inc. U.S. Launches First Infection Prevention Portfolio

February 03, 2020 / Angelini Pharma Inc

Angelini Pharma Inc. U.S., an international healthcare company headquartered in Maryland, is tackling the epidemic of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) with their new line of infection prevention products. HAIs continue to cause preventable complications and poor patient outcomes. HAIs cause more patient deaths every year than breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer. With Angelini's new portfolio, designed to be used across the care continuum, they are addressing the "why" behind the issue and providing solutions. "One of the key reasons for the difficulty to prevent HAIs is compliance," says President and General Manager, Philippe Befferal." We identified an unmet need -- products must be better tolerated, easily accessible, and more convenient for staff to use. We have products that people will want to use, making it easier to comply with disinfection protocols."