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Amgen, maker of Enbrel, to pick up Celgenes Otezla for 13.4B Dollars. Will FTC hit back?

August 26, 2019 / Angus Liu

Looks like Amgen might not be buying Alexion Pharmaceuticals after all. Instead, its beefing up in psoriasis, where it already sells blockbuster TNF inhibitor Enbrel. Amgen Monday said it will take in Celgenes Otezla for 13.4 billion dollars in cash, a purchase that could help Bristol-Myers Squibb move along with its planned acquisition of Celgene for 74 billion dollars, per an agreement with U.S. antitrust authorities. The dollar amount easily dwarfs some recent biopharma deals for entire companies, showing enthusiasm over the immunology and inflammatory markets, led by the world’s best-selling drug and Enbrel rival, Humira. And it’s significantly above the price tag analysts have previously estimated for Otezla, suggesting an intense bidding process for the fast-growing psoriasis drug whose second-quarter sales increased by 31% year over year, to $493 million. “Otezla represents an exciting opportunity to strengthen Amgen's presence in inflammation and continue ...