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Allergan, Teva and others start 2018 with price hikes: analyst

January 02, 2018 / Eric Sagonowsky

A New Year often rings in higher drug prices, and many top drugmakers marked the occasion in just that way this year. List price increases hit dozens of drugs, including staple drugs and blockbuster hopefuls. None of the increases, however, topped the 10% price-hike cap that's been trendy in pharma since 2016. In specialty pharma, Allergan, Teva, Collectis, Insys, Synergy and Supernus all raised prices effective Jan. 1, according to Jefferies analysts. Allergan changed its stickers on 18 medications—all by 9.5%—including key drugs Namenda XR, which treats Alzheimer's disease; Linzess, which targets irritable bowel syndrome for patients with constipation and chronic idiopathic constipation; and Bystolic, a high blood pressure drug.