June 22, 2021 | (2:00PM)
With the introduction of new propellants and more complex formulations, the pMDI canister plays an increasingly significant role in the safe and efficacious delivery of drug to the patient. The relationship between propellant, drug and canister has significantly changed, with the canister no longer being just a safe containment system, but an integral part of the drug delivery itself.

During the webinar, participants will gain an understanding of the manufacturing process for H&T Presspart’s pMDI plasma cans and the sustainability benefits of this manufacturing process over other coated can processes such as anodised and FEP coated cans. Participants will also see how H&T Presspart’s inspection and quality process ensures the whole of the internal surface of the can treated with plasma.

They  will also hear how Plasma can improve inhaler performance and combat drug degradation and drug adhesion, a common problem with many pMDIs. We will show attendees independent data comparing H&T Presspart’s plasma can performance versus other treatment processes as well as discussing which APIs are most suitable for Plasma.