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Janice MacLennan

Janice Maclennan is a leading brand strategist in the pharmaceutical industry who has created her own platform – NMBLR - to enable pharmaceutical companies to bring new drugs and therapies to market for commercial success. This is a pioneering first-to-market product that has been refined over 25 years of research and was created at a cost of almost £1million, developed by a leading technology firm. Having graduated with a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Cape Town, she worked as a pharmacist before travelling the world. She finally settled in London and applied for a job as a sales rep at pharma giant Beechams. Within two years she had attained an MBA on the job and after a succession of promotions decided to go it alone. She has now advised global life science brands on strategy for more than 30 years.



NMBLR is a cutting edge platform used internally by pharma brands around the globe to help develop streamlined, effective and collaborative strategies to bring new therapies and drugs to market more efficiently.

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