WuXi Biologics Launches First Commercial Drug Product Facility for Pre-Filled Syringes

WuXi Biologics | June 06, 2022

WuXi Biologics
WuXi Biologics a global CRDMO service company, announced it has successfully launched the GMP operation of its new drug product facility DP5 located in Wuxi, China. The DP5 is the ninth operational drug product facility in the global network of WuXi Biologics.

The DP5 facility features an advanced isolator filling line for continuous and steady filling services, which offers multiple volume delivery options for pre-filled syringes including 1 mL Long, 1 mL, 2.25 mL and 3 mL. The maximum filling speed can reach 400 PFS/min to support 17 million syringes of drug products manufacturing every year. The increased manufacturing capacity at DP5 allows WuXi Biologics to provide global partners with faster and more robust end-to-end drug product services for their innovative products at different scales and stages.

Compared to a traditional drug product filling line, DP5's state-of-the-art design and layout, single-use technology and automated equipment, significantly decrease the risk of contamination and maintain aseptic control required in the filling process. This process supports clients' products scale up to commercial capability and reliably delivers to patients under the highest quality standards which WuXi Biologics represents.

"Pre-filled syringes have emerged as one of the fastest-growing choices for biologics dosage form as our partners seek new and more convenient biologics delivery methods. The GMP operation of DP5, our first commercial drug product facility for pre-filled syringes, not only demonstrates our commitment to global partners, but also marks an important milestone for WuXi Biologics to become one of the global leaders in drug product CDMO services. We'll continue to enable our clients to advance innovative biologics towards clinical trials, regulatory approvals, and commercialization to benefit patients worldwide."

Dr. Chris Chen, CEO of WuXi Biologics

About WuXi Biologics
WuXi Biologics is a global Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization offering end-to-end solutions that enable partners to discover, develop, and manufacture biologics – from concept to commercialization – for the benefit of patients worldwide.

With over 10,000 skilled employees in China, the United States, Ireland, Germany, and Singapore, WuXi Biologics leverages its technologies and expertise to provide customers with efficient and cost-effective biologics discovery, development, and manufacturing solutions. As of the end of 2021, WuXi Biologics is supporting over 480 integrated client projects, including nine in commercial manufacturing.


Vaccines trick the body into building immunity against infectious diseases without causing the actual disease. Vaccines achieve this by introducing a dead or weakened version of the disease-causing germ (bacteria or virus) to the body’s immune system. In some cases, inactivated toxins (poisonous substances) produced by the germ are used in the vaccine to develop immunity (for example, diphtheria and tetanus vaccines).


Vaccines trick the body into building immunity against infectious diseases without causing the actual disease. Vaccines achieve this by introducing a dead or weakened version of the disease-causing germ (bacteria or virus) to the body’s immune system. In some cases, inactivated toxins (poisonous substances) produced by the germ are used in the vaccine to develop immunity (for example, diphtheria and tetanus vaccines).

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Zerion Pharma and Hovione extend partnership to cover use of the Dispersome® technology platform in nutraceuticals

Zerion Pharma and Hovione | August 24, 2022

Hovione and Zerion Pharma announced an extension of their collaboration on Zerion's Dispersome® technology into the nutraceutical/dietary supplements field. Many dietary supplements suffer from low solubility. This results in poor bioavailability and consequently limits the physiological effect of the supplement. To overcome these limitations, the two companies will collaborate and apply the solubility enhancing Dispersome® technology for the development and commercialization of certain nutraceutical products. The first product candidate selected for joint development is an antioxidant with multiple health benefits and known for its extremely low solubility and bioavailability. By applying the Dispersome® technology, Zerion has been able to demonstrate significant solubility improvements of this antioxidant. Under their collaboration, Hovione and Zerion will now upscale and develop commercial formulations of the antioxidant using the Dispersome® platform and make these products available for distribution by partners globally. Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, the two companies will share income from the commercialization of these products according to their respective contributions. In addition to the joint development projects, Zerion has granted Hovione an exclusive license to exploit the Dispersome® technology for other nutraceuticals/dietary supplements. In return, Hovione will pay Zerion license fees and royalties on sales of the licensed products. "The low oral bioavailability of some of the health-promoting nutraceutical compounds is a well-known challenge. The problem is compounded by the fact that some of the solutions used in pharma cannot be used in foods. Hovione is thrilled to be Zerion´s exclusive partner for the application of Dispersome® to the fields of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. The Dispersome® platform and its enabling ingredient – beta-lactoglobulin or BLG – afford formulators new options which address unmet needs of the industry." Jean-Luc Herbeaux, CEO of Hovione "I am extremely pleased with this extension of our collaboration", says Ole Wiborg, CEO of Zerion and continues: "The Dispersome® technology is actually very well suited for use in dietary supplements because it employs BLG as its solubility enabling component. BLG is a sustainable natural material and in itself a beneficial nutritional product that we source in high quality from Arla Food Ingredients. Since we as a company only have limited resources to exploit these promising applications of the Dispersome® technology in the nutraceutical field, the collaboration with Hovione is a win/win situation." In February 2022, Zerion and Hovione announced a strategic partnership aimed at commercializing the Dispersome® technology within the drug development field. Under this partnership, Hovione and Zerion are offering pharma and biotech companies worldwide access to an innovative drug delivery platform combined with an unparalleled experience in formulation development, scale up and GMP manufacturing. This unique combination provides customers in the pharma industry with a line of sight over the entire drug development life cycle from the preclinical phase to commercial drug product. About Hovione Hovione is an international company with over 60 years of experience as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) with a fully integrated offering of services for drug substance, drug product intermediate and drug product. The company has four FDA inspected sites in the USA, Portugal, Ireland and China and development laboratories in Lisbon, Portugal and New Jersey, USA. Hovione provides pharmaceutical customers services for the development and compliant manufacture of innovative drugs, including highly potent compounds, and customized product solution across the entire drug life cycle. In the inhalation area, Hovione offers a complete range of services, from API, formulation development and devices. Hovione´s culture is based on innovation, quality and delivery. Hovione was the first Chemical/ Pharmaceutical Company to become a Certified B Corp, is a member of Rx-360, EFCG and participates actively in industry quality improvement initiatives to lead new global industry standards. About Zerion Pharma A/S Zerion develops proprietary drug formulations and offers the Dispersome® technology to established pharma companies as a means to solve their most challenging drug solubility problems. By applying the Dispersome® technology, the solubility of poorly soluble, oral drugs is greatly enhanced, which improves their bioavailability and therapeutic outcomes for the patients. Zerion was established in 2019 as a spinout from the University of Copenhagen based on almost a decade of research.

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Societal CDMO Selected To Provide Tech Transfer And Manufacturing Services To Support Clinical Development Of An Oral Solid Dose Product In Europe

Societal CDMO, Inc. | July 21, 2022

Societal CDMO, Inc. a contract development and manufacturing organization dedicated to solving complex formulation and manufacturing challenges primarily in small molecule therapeutic development, today announced that it has been selected to provide CDMO services to support the ongoing clinical development of a novel drug candidate in Europe. The compound is an oral solid dose anti-viral therapy product approved for the prevention and treatment of human immunodeficiency virus in select countries in Europe and Societal’s work is focused on supporting the expansion of the product’s indications. Under terms of the new agreement, Societal CDMO will execute appropriate technology transfer activities, followed by cGMP manufacture of clinical trial material to support the initiation and execution of Phase 2 studies of the drug candidate. This work will include production, packaging and labeling of both the active compound and matching placebo for the study. “This is a key new agreement for Societal CDMO as it is a clear demonstration of the company’s ability to capitalize on the increasing interest of drug developers in the onshoring and reshoring of contract manufacturing activities to the U.S. from other regions around the globe. We are proud to be trusted by our partner to execute the tech transfer, manufacturing and packaging services that will be necessary for the initiation of its planned Phase 2 study in Europe. We continue to be pleased with our progress in leveraging our end-to-end CDMO service offerings to grow our business and expand our client base.” David Enloe, chief executive officer of Societal CDMO About Societal CDMO Societal CDMO is a bi-coastal contract development and manufacturing organization with capabilities spanning pre-Investigational New Drug (IND) development to commercial manufacturing and packaging for a wide range of therapeutic dosage forms with a primary focus in the area of small molecules. With an expertise in solving complex manufacturing problems, Societal CDMO is a leading CDMO providing therapeutic development, end-to-end regulatory support, clinical and commercial manufacturing, aseptic fill/finish, lyophilization, packaging and logistics services to the global pharmaceutical market. In addition to our experience in handling DEA controlled substances and developing and manufacturing modified-release dosage forms, Societal CDMO has the expertise to deliver on our clients’ pharmaceutical development and manufacturing projects, regardless of complexity level. We do all of this in our best-in-class facilities, which total 145,000 square feet, in Gainesville, Georgia and San Diego, California.

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Eyenovia's Novel Optejet® Dispenser Puts People's Eyes First

Eyenovia | September 06, 2022

Eyenovia, Inc. an ophthalmic pharmaceutical technology company developing a pipeline of microdose array print therapeutics, brings human-centric design to ophthalmology with its novel Optejet® dispenser. Traditional eye drops normally overdose the patient's eye with medication and preservatives. Eyenovia's easy-to-use, novel Optejet® dispenser administers precisely 8µL of medication to the eye, effectively treating the patient's condition while creating a more gentle dosing experience. "The unique delivery mechanism of the Optejet® will fundamentally change how we think about eye medication. Right now, traditional eye drops can result in significant dose-related side effects for the treatment of chronic illnesses like glaucoma. The Optejet® dispenser is designed for patients to experience easier administration and fewer side effects with similar efficacy." Michael Rowe, CEO of Eyenovia The Optejet® dispenser administers ophthalmic solutions horizontally using Eyenovia's proprietary Microdose Array Print (MAP™) technology. The system functions similar to an inkjet printer, delivering accurate microdoses through a precision spray. Traditional eye drops deliver four to five times larger volume than the human eye can actually hold, which causes eye drops to roll down the face and overdose the eye with preservatives. Poor delivery of eye drops is more than an inconvenience; it can prevent patients from using necessary medication because of the side effects. For example, with medication to help dilate the pupils for eye exams, up to 23% of patients experienced stinging and burning with the eye drops, causing patients to forgo eye exams. In Eyenovia studies, less than 1% of patients experienced stinging and burning. "Medications only work if patients take them, and with the Optejet, we have designed a way for patients to benefit from an easy-to-use, appropriate, lower dose spray that results in similar efficacy. We're excited for physicians and providers to be able to offer this revolutionary technology in the near future to patients who deserve a more positive experience," said Rowe. Eyenovia's first marketed invention is expected to be MydCombi™, a first-in-class drug-device combination microdose for in-office pupil dilation. This potentially will help save physician's chair time, eliminating the traditional three eyedrops used for a patient's eye exam. Other exciting innovations in the Eyenovia pipeline include MicroLine and MicroPine. About Eyenovia, Inc. Eyenovia, Inc. is an ophthalmic pharmaceutical technology company developing a pipeline of microdose array print therapeutics. Eyenovia is currently focused on the late-stage development of microdosed medications for mydriasis, presbyopia, and myopia progression.

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