Webinar Hosted by Xtalks to cover actions pharmaceutical commercial teams can take to stay on track with 2020 goals

Xtalks | July 08, 2020

COVID-19 swiftly changed the healthcare landscape around the world. There has been no rulebook for pharmaceutical commercialization during COVID-19. Pharmaceutical commercialization teams have had to quickly adapt to meet customer, community and business needs. Remote customer engagement and increased patient support services were the answer in the short term for pharmaceutical commercialization amid COVID-19. Longer term, teams will need to adapt brand strategy and executional approaches for in-line and launch brands to meet the new reality of customer and business needs during the ongoing pandemic.

This webinar will cover the actions that pharmaceutical commercial teams can take now to stay on track with 2020 goals and to plan for 2021. Pharmaceutical and biotech commercialization teams will hear about trends in the marketplace during the last few months of marketing, medical affairs, market access strategy and customer communication during COVID-19. We will discuss the choices teams have made and the rationale for different approaches. Whether you are seeking to re-start pharmaceutical commercialization or planning for a new launch, the short and long-term planning guidance discussed will be of value.


Drug development is a lengthy, complex, and costly process, entrenched with a high degree of uncertainty that a drug will actually succeed.The unknown pathophysiology for many nervous system disorders makes target identification challenging. Animal models often cannot recapitulate an entire disorder or disease.


Drug development is a lengthy, complex, and costly process, entrenched with a high degree of uncertainty that a drug will actually succeed.The unknown pathophysiology for many nervous system disorders makes target identification challenging. Animal models often cannot recapitulate an entire disorder or disease.

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TriMas Announces Two New Acquisitions

TriMas | December 14, 2021

TriMas announced that it has recently signed agreements to acquire Omega Plastics to be added to TriMas Packaging, and TFI Aerospace to be added to TriMas Aerospace. Omega, located in Clinton Township, Michigan, specializes in manufacturing custom components and devices for drug delivery, diagnostic and orthopedic medical applications, as well as components for industrial applications. Omega leverages its advanced in-house tool making capabilities, ISO13485-certified injection molding facility and ISO Class 8 clean room to provide its customers a faster product development cycle, from prototype development, testing and validation, to short and medium run production and assembly. Omega is an approved vendor to several leading medical device companies, with a long track record of unparalleled service and quality. Omega currently operates as a private, family-owned company, and is expected to generate approximately $18 million in revenue in fiscal year 2021. “We are excited to announce the agreement between TriMas and Omega. We look forward to expanding Omega’s production capacity to benefit its customers’ longer-term needs, while also leveraging Omega’s advanced tool making capabilities to add rapid prototyping to enhance TriMas Packaging’s speed-to-market advantage on innovation and new product designs. The addition of Omega further expands our Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical product offerings into additional medical applications, which we believe is an attractive market for long-term growth.” Thomas Amato, President and Chief Executive Officer of TriMas Located near Toronto, Canada, TFI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty fasteners used in a variety of applications, predominantly for the aerospace end market. TFI currently operates as a private, family-owned company, and is expected to generate approximately $6 million in revenue in fiscal year 2021. “In addition to expanding TriMas Packaging through the acquisition of Omega, we are also pleased to announce the acquisition of TFI,” Amato continued. “This acquisition will further expand TriMas Aerospace’s fastener product lines with the addition of complimentary niche products that have an exciting growth trajectory resulting from TFI’s new program wins and the overall aerospace market recovery. We anticipate TFI’s customers will benefit from the added innovation and manufacturing depth offered by TriMas Aerospace, while TriMas Aerospace’s customers will enjoy additional product offerings.” Amato continued, “We continue to execute on our core strategy of augmenting our growth through bolt-on acquisitions by leveraging our strong cash generation. After closing these two acquisitions, we expect our net leverage ratio to remain below 2.0x, providing ample capacity to execute on additional bolt-on acquisitions while also returning capital to shareholders through dividends and share buybacks.” TriMas expects to close on Omega by the end of the year, and closed on TFI simultaneously with signing. “We look forward to welcoming both Omega and TFI to the TriMas family of businesses,” concluded Amato. About TriMas TriMas is a global manufacturer and provider of products for customers primarily in the consumer products, aerospace and industrial markets, with approximately 3,300 dedicated employees in 11 countries. We provide customers with a wide range of innovative and quality product solutions through our market-leading businesses. Our TriMas family of businesses has strong brand names in the markets served, and operates under a common set of values and strategic priorities under the TriMas Business Model. TriMas is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “TRS,” and is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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Iktos Announces Deployment of Their AI for Drug Design Software Makya™ by Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Iktos | December 09, 2021

Iktos, a company specialized in Artificial Intelligence for new drug design today announced recent collaboration agreement in AI for new drug design with Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., a leading global pharmaceutical company based in China with a focus on research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of innovative and high-quality healthcare products. Under the agreement, Iktos’ de novo generative design software Makya™ will be used by Hengrui scientists to facilitate rapid and cost-effective design of novel compounds and accelerate hit-to-lead/lead optimisation for undisclosed Hengrui Pharma’s drug discovery programmes. Iktos has released Makya™, a generative AI-driven de novo design software for Multi-Parametric Optimization (MPO), available either as a SaaS platform or for implementation on customer premises or in the customer’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Makya’s user-friendly interface enables it to be used by medicinal or computational chemists. Makya™ can also be operated as a Python package through a Jupyter notebook interface. Iktos’ AI technology, based on deep generative models, helps bring speed and efficiency to the drug discovery process, by automatically designing virtual novel molecules that have desired activities for treating a given disease. This tackles one of the key challenges in drug design: rapid identification of molecules which simultaneously satisfy multiple bioactivity and drug-like criteria for drug discovery and development. “Innovation is the core development strategy. Hengrui has a strong interest in exploring and utilizing enabling technologies, such as AI, to transform and accelerate the discovery of innovative medicines. We are excited about the opportunity to use Iktos’ proprietary AI platform to beef up our drug design and discovery capability to better address unmet clinical needs”. Dr. Weikang Tao, Vice President of Hengrui Pharma and CEO of R&D Centers "We are very pleased to collaborate with Hengrui Pharma, a leading global pharmaceutical company based in China. We are excited and proud to announce our first collaboration deal in China pharma sector and to have Hengrui Pharma scientists use our software in their early discovery programs", said Yann Gaston-Mathé, Co-founder and CEO of Iktos. "It is our ultimate goal to facilitate our technology usage by expert drug discovery scientists, who have deep knowledge and understanding of their discovery programs. This way, the promise of AI to dramatically improve drug discovery will have a better chance to be realized and impact therapeutic development. At Iktos, we strive to build an innovative technology platform capable of improving the efficiency of drug discovery by combining our powerful algorithmic technology, our know-how derived from the experience of the many collaborations we have established to date, and an intuitive and user-friendly user interface which is essential to an optimal user experience.” About Iktos Incorporated in October 2016, Iktos is a start-up company specializing in the development of artificial intelligence solutions applied to chemical research, more specifically medicinal chemistry and new drug design. Iktos is developing a proprietary and innovative solution based on deep learning generative models, which enables, using existing data, the design of molecules that are optimized in silico to meet all the success criteria of a small molecule discovery project. The use of Iktos technology enables major productivity gains in upstream pharmaceutical R&D. Iktos offers its technology both as professional services and as a SaaS software platform, Makya™. Iktos is also developing Spaya™, a synthesis planning software based upon Iktos’s proprietary AI technology for retrosynthesis. About Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a leading global pharmaceutical company based in China with a focus on research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of innovative and high-quality healthcare products. Innovation is the core development strategy. Hengrui Pharma has 8 innovative products marketed and more than 50 clinical-stage innovative candidates, of which 20 are currently under global clinical development. Hengrui Pharma ranked 21st among the top 1,000 global pharma companies announced by Torreya in 2020. Hengrui has been on the Pharma Exec’s annual listing of the top global pharmaceutical companies for the third consecutive year, rising from the 47th in 2019 to the 38th in 2021.

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Spotlite360 Introduces Pharmaceutical Industry Initiative for Supply Chain Tracking, Tracing, and Sustainability

Spotlite360 | July 07, 2021

SPOTLITE360 TECHNOLOGIES, INC. is happy to announce that it has started an initiative to provide tailored supply chain tracing and tracking solutions for pharmaceutical companies, for which it is now in contract discussions with pharmaceutical firms. This effort coincides with an impending regulatory shift in the USD 1.3 trillion pharmaceutical industry1 that will require companies to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (“DSCSA”), which requires the deployment of electronic tracing systems. The Company has recognized an opportunity to offer solutions to DSCSA compliance by combining RFID and IoT sensors with blockchain, machine learning, and enterprise tracking software licensed from TrackX Holdings Inc. In addition to the cost of complying with new and upcoming laws such as the DSCSA, pharmaceutical sector participants confront the following persistent difficulties in their supply chains: • Every year, about USD 200 billion in counterfeit medicines are sold worldwide. • Pharmaceutical cargo theft costs more than USD 1 billion per year, with a median stolen value of USD 100,000 being more than the industry average. • Inadequate storage and transportation practices (e.g., unrefrigerated trucks, shipment periods that exceed a drug’s shelf life) can cause pharmaceutical damage, which has been highlighted as a multibillion-dollar issue in 2018. The Company’s existing SaaS solution, powered by Spotlite360 technologies tailored to clients in the pharmaceutical industry, will capture real-time and event-driven data that can identify inefficiencies and potential hazards for pharmaceutical firms, potentially mitigating issues such as those listed above. Furthermore, potential benefits to clients in the pharmaceutical industry include accountability of global suppliers, as well as validation of claims relating to environmental, social, and corporate governance (“ESG”) matters by providing proof of origin, reliably authenticating goods, and allowing visibility into the chain of custody. Blockchain technology has already shown to be effective in various pharmaceutical supply chain functions, including DSCSA compliance. In 2020, a major technology company released a study of its blockchain pilot program in collaboration with pharmaceutical behemoth Merck & Co. and the United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), which was judged initially viable as stated in its final report filed to the FDA5. Spotlite360’s newest effort for the pharmaceutical sector aims to set new industry standards by providing an improved value proposition through full visibility and tracking capabilities. About Spotlite360 Technologies Inc. Spotlite360 is a logistics technology solutions provider that unlocks value, opportunities, and efficiency for all supply chain participants. Spotlite360 aims to establish new standards of transparency, integrity, and sustainability in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and agriculture industries by building on existing applications of IoT technology, distributed ledgers, and machine learning. As authorities worldwide continue to enforce additional tracing and accountability requirements for consumer protection, the need for dependable, cost-effective, and flexible monitoring technology is anticipated to grow. Spotlite360’s flagship SaaS solution has been designed to monitor the movement of a product in real-time by connecting with the systems of all major stakeholders in the supply chain, from raw materials to the hands of the end customer.

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