Two Labs, an Envision Pharma Group Company Acquires Riparian

Two Labs | July 08, 2021

Two Labs, an industry-leading pharma services company and a subsidiary of Envision Pharma Group, announced today the acquisition of Riparian, a pharma consulting and SaaS company that assists manufacturers with pricing regulations, reporting, strategies, and program operations.

The acquisition expands Two Labs' pharma service offerings, allowing the company to offer greater insights into the financials associated with drug launch and management, better positioning manufacturers for long-term success. In addition, Riparian's in-depth knowledge of government pricing regulations and program operations, combined with their consulting, business process outsourcing, and software capabilities, enables clients to understand the financials of their drug better, ensuring that the prices reported to the government are in accordance with the current government statutes and regulations.

Riparian and Two Labs will collaborate to accelerate parent company Envision Pharma Group's plans for expansion in the growing biotech pharma sector in the United States. In November 2020, Envision acquired Two Labs.

Riparian will continue to operate from its current headquarters in Henderson, Nevada, with offices in Pasadena, California, and Johnson City, Tennessee. In addition, David Chan and Cynthia Hwang, co-founders, will continue with the company.

About Two Labs
Two Labs is a leading pharmaceutical services company that offers pharmaceutical manufacturers a range of market access, market intelligence, and commercialization services. Two Labs has managed over 200 new product launches and over 290 in-market projects from pre-launch through loss of exclusivity since its start in 2003.

About Envision Pharma Group
Envision Pharma Group, founded in 2001, is a global, innovative technology and scientific communications company that serves pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. Envision is a leading provider of evidence-based communication services and industry-leading technology solutions (iEnvision) with applications in various areas of medical affairs and related functional responsibility. Envision Pharma Group serves over 90 companies, including all top 20 pharmaceutical companies, with services and technology solutions.

About Riparian
Riparian is a pharma Consulting, Outsourcing, and SaaS company based in Henderson, Nevada, assisting manufacturers in navigating government pricing regulations, reporting, strategies, and program operations. Riparian is a rapidly growing, innovative company supported by a team of industry experts.


In this one-on-one interview with Dave Exline Senior V.P. at Gateway Analytical he discusses how Gateways pharmaceutical forensic services tie into this years Annual PDA conference theme of "Harnessing the Power of Knowledge to Drive World Class Science and Technology.


In this one-on-one interview with Dave Exline Senior V.P. at Gateway Analytical he discusses how Gateways pharmaceutical forensic services tie into this years Annual PDA conference theme of "Harnessing the Power of Knowledge to Drive World Class Science and Technology.

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Xeris Pharmaceuticals Strengthens Its Patent Estate


Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a pharmaceutical company leveraging its novel formulation technology platforms to develop and commercialize ready-to-use injectable and infusible drug formulations, today announced that it has recently been granted three new patents relating to its formulation technology platforms. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted U.S. Patent Nos. 10,987,399 and 11,020,403 to Xeris, and the China Intellectual Property Office granted Chinese Patent No. ZL201580042185.5 to Xeris. The US ‘399 patent covers storage-stable formulations of pramlintide, and the US ‘403 patent covers storage-stable formulations of benzodiazepines, both using Xeris’ proprietary XeriSol™ formulation technology. The Chinese ’185.5 patent covers pre-filled syringes containing a variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients, using Xeris’ proprietary XeriJect™ technology. These patents, and related patent applications that are pending in these and other patent offices around the world, also cover the uses of such products in treating a variety of diseases and disorders including diabetes. “Our strategy as a platform company is to patent early and often to continue to strengthen our position as a product development and formulation company. These new patent grants represent a significant expansion of Xeris’ intellectual property portfolio and help us to continue to invest in our innovation into life-saving therapies that can benefit patients worldwide,” said Paul R. Edick, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xeris Pharmaceuticals. “With the recent opening of our Research & Development center in Chicago, led by our Chief Scientific Officer and Xeris co-founder Dr. Steve Prestrelski, we anticipate that we will continue to develop and bring to the market novel solutions for treating and preventing a variety of human diseases and disorders, improving the quality of life for our patients and their families.” The granting of these patents expands the size of Xeris growing patent portfolio, bringing the total number of patents granted to Xeris worldwide to 121 (16 of which have been granted in the US). In addition to these new patent grants, Xeris has 120 patent applications pending worldwide, and expects to receive patent grants on several of those pending applications within the next several months. These patent grants, which provide Xeris the right to exclude others from making, selling, and using its proprietary technologies, will provide patent protection to Xeris on its proprietary pharmaceutical products for at least the next decade. All patents are owned by Xeris. About Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Xeris is a pharmaceutical company delivering innovative solutions to simplify the experience of administering important therapies that people rely on every day around the world. With a novel technology platform that enables ready-to-use, room-temperature stable formulations of injectable drug products, the company is advancing a portfolio of solutions in various therapeutic categories, including its first commercial product, Gvoke® in the U.S. Its proprietary XeriSol™ and XeriJect™ formulation technologies have the potential to offer distinct advantages over conventional product formulations, including eliminating the need for reconstitution, enabling long-term, room-temperature stability, significantly reducing injection volume, and eliminating the requirement for intravenous (IV) infusion. With Xeris’ technology, new product formulations are designed to be easier to use by patients, caregivers, and health practitioners and help reduce costs for payers and the healthcare system.

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AstraZeneca's Calquence fails COVID-19 study, joining the list of repurposed meds that have fallen short

AstraZeneca | November 13, 2020

Months after drugmakers launched an unprecedented COVID-19 research effort, some existing medicines have turned in promising results—but more of them have failed against the virus. And AstraZeneca’s blood cancer med Calquence just became one of them, falling short in two tests in hospitalized patients. AstraZeneca said Thursday that the medicine—already approved in mantle cell lymphoma—didn't help patients survive the virus and reduce respiratory failure any better than supportive care did, citing data from two phase 2 trials. The company set out to test the medicine back in April after researchers at the NIH’s National Cancer Institute observed “some clinical benefit” when the drug was used in a small number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with advanced lung disease at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Forbes reported at the time.

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Signet Healthcare Partners Completes Growth Equity Investment in Juno Pharmaceuticals Corp

Juno Pharmaceuticals | February 25, 2022

Juno Pharmaceuticals Corp a Canadian specialty generics pharmaceuticals company, announced that it has received a strategic growth investment from Signet Healthcare Partners (“Signet”), a New York-based healthcare growth equity firm. Juno intends to use these proceeds to expand its complex and high-value generic and biosimilar portfolio and to accelerate growth. “We are very pleased with the opportunity to partner with the Juno management team. They have decades of pharmaceutical industry experience and have built a growing business. They have done so through astute product selection and a disciplined approach to building their pipeline. We look forward to contributing to this effort.” James Gale, Managing Director of Signet Ian Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer of Juno noted, “I am very happy to welcome Signet as a key investor in the future of Juno. We believe Signet will further enhance Juno’s already strong growth profile given their extensive experience in pharma, and specifically with generics. We look forward to working with the Signet team building Juno into one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in Canada.” Aird & Berlis LLP acted as legal counsel for Juno Pharmaceuticals Corp and Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP acted as legal counsel for Signet Healthcare Partners. About Juno Pharmaceuticals Corp Juno Pharmaceuticals Corp specializes in bringing complex and high value generic and biosimilar products to the Canadian market. The Juno management team possesses decades of pharmaceutical industry experience along with an extensive track record of driving strategic growth through the identification of niche products and disciplined construction of robust product pipelines. An early member of the global Juno Pharmaceuticals group, Juno’s global operations span four continents and consist of over 10 diverse pharmaceutical and medical device businesses spread across Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia and South Africa. About Signet Healthcare Partners Signet Healthcare Partners is an established provider of growth capital to innovative healthcare companies. Signet invests in commercial-stage healthcare companies that are revenue generating or preparing for commercial launch. The firm's focus has primarily been on the pharmaceutical sector and medical technology companies. Signet maintains a disciplined, yet flexible investment approach. As an active investor, Signet partners closely with its companies to build their value including facilitating activities between portfolio companies. During Signet's 23-year history, it has developed a strong reputation and track record of successful investments. Signet has raised four funds with total capital commitments of over $400 million and has invested in more than 55 companies.

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