Stevanato Group Announces Expansion of Corporate Headquarters

Stevanato Group | November 18, 2021

Stevanato Group Announces Expansion of Corporate Headquarters
Stevanato Group, a global provider of drug containment, drug delivery and diagnostic solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences industries, today announced the expansion of its corporate headquarters with the construction of a new facility in Piombino Dese, Italy to advance operations and growth of the Company.

The new 6,750 square meter facility is expected to support the optimization of Stevanato Group’s industrial footprint, with about 2,500 square meters dedicated to increasing the production of high-value products. In addition to hosting offices, the Italian analytical services site, and R&D space, it is also expected to include new glass syringe forming lines devoted to boosting the production of EZ-fill® solutions, which are pre-sterilized drug containment solutions that reduce total cost of ownership and time-to-market for pharmaceutical companies.

We are very proud of the global growth and evolution that Stevanato Group has achieved over the recent years, and we are always exploring new opportunities and ways to meet our customers’ needs. Further increasing our production capabilities here at home through this new space we expect to be able to bridge capacity demands while our exciting projects in the U.S. and China are underway. Importantly, this expansion is further validation of the hard work of our employees, the demand for our innovative products and the continued growth of our business, and we expect it to allow us to be well positioned to build on our current momentum and advance development initiatives that are expected to directly benefit all of our customers and stakeholders around the world.”

 Franco Moro, CEO of Stevanato Group
Construction of the new building began in September 2021. The Company expects to install and validate new lines in the second quarter of 2022, and expects industrial production to begin between late second quarter and early third quarter of 2022.

Stevanato Group’s new flagship building represents an important development in its 2020-2023 Industrial Plan, including efforts to meet increasing global demand for premium products. As part of these efforts, the Company recently operationalized two additional lines for EZ-fill® vials and syringes manufacturing in Italy and, in 2022, plans to add two more lines devoted to EZ-fill® syringes as well as one dedicated line for Alba® syringes, the breakthrough solution for biologics. The expansion underway is part of the Company’s expected plans to triple production of EZ-fill® pre-fillable sterile syringes by 2023 and to increase production of EZ-fill® sterile vials and cartridges 19x by 2023, compared to 2016 numbers.

Stevanato Group’s new building also marks the Company’s ongoing dedication to and investment in the local Piombino Dese community, where it has been headquartered for more than 60 years. The new building is expected to act as the counterpart to another facility at the Piombino Dese headquarters, recently completed in 2020, also used for the production of syringes and that hosts solar electric panels. These panels produce 160kWp of electricity per year and are intended to provide electricity to both buildings, as Stevanato Group remains committed to sustainability. To that end, the new building is also intended to have a partial recovery system enabling it to reuse water used for washing in production.

About Stevanato Group
Founded in 1949, Stevanato Group is a leading global provider of drug containment, drug delivery and diagnostic solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences industries. The Group delivers an integrated, end-to-end portfolio of products, processes and services that address customer needs across the entire drug life cycle at each of the development, clinical and commercial stages. Stevanato Group’s core capabilities in scientific research and development, its commitment to technical innovation and its engineering excellence are central to its ability to offer value added solutions to clients. 

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Patrick Chene, a researcher in Oncology, discusses why he’s inspired seeing a compound move to the clinic, and the committed, multidisciplinary teams from oncology, chemical biology & biochemistry.

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Patrick Chene, a researcher in Oncology, discusses why he’s inspired seeing a compound move to the clinic, and the committed, multidisciplinary teams from oncology, chemical biology & biochemistry.