Roivant Grows Computational Drug Discovery Engine with Acquisition of Silicon Therapeutics

Silicon Therapeutics has assembled an exclusive industry-driving computational physics platform for the in silico design and optimization of small molecule drugs for testing disease targets. The platform incorporates custom strategies dependent on quantum mechanics, sub-atomic elements and measurable thermodynamics to beat basic bottlenecks in drug disclosure projects, for example, anticipating restricting energies and conformational conduct of molecules.

Silicon Therapeutics' computational platform is controlled by a restrictive supercomputing group and custom equipment empowering exact all-molecule reenactments at organically important timescales. This computational platform is firmly incorporated with experimental laboratories equipped for biophysics, medical chemistry and biology to encourage the quick movement of drug applicants by expanding recreations with biophysical data. The organization has utilized these abilities to find numerous drug applicants.

The procurement of Silicon Therapeutics supports and supplements Roivant's focused on protein debasement platform. That platform will be fueled by VantAI's high level AI models prepared on restrictive degrader-explicit experimental data and by Silicon Therapeutics' exclusive computational physics abilities, which help address a large number of the methodology explicit difficulties of degrader design and optimization. Coordinating Silicon Therapeutics and VantAI will empower Roivant to particularly catch the force of both computational physics and AI based ways to deal with drug design; for example, by joining exclusive computational physics reproductions as preparing data for VantAI's degrader-explicit profound learning models.

"The combination of Silicon Therapeutics' integrated approach, platform and highly capable team with Roivant's technologies and commitment to transforming the pharmaceutical industry represents a new and exciting paradigm in drug discovery and development," said Roger Pomerantz, M.D., F.A.C.P., chairman of the board of directors of Silicon Therapeutics.

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