Recro Announces Acquisition of San Diego-based IRISYS, Creating Bi-Coastal, Full Service CDMO

Recro Pharma, Inc. | August 16, 2021

Recro Pharma, Inc. a contract development and manufacturing organization dedicated to solving complex formulation and manufacturing challenges for companies developing oral solid dose drug products, today announced its acquisition of IRISYS, a San Diego-based CDMO that possesses capabilities that complement and expand those of Recro. Recro acquired IRISYS for approximately $50 million in a combination of cash, shares of Recro common stock and a seller promissory note. With its acquisition of IRISYS, Recro has transformed itself into a full service CDMO with operations on both the East and West Coast of the U.S. capable of offering its now expanded global client base access to services spanning from pre-Investigational New Drug (IND) development to commercial manufacturing and packaging for wide range of dosage forms.

“Today’s acquisition of IRISYS is truly a transformative transaction for Recro. The joining of these two companies creates an organization that is ideally positioned to achieve Recro’s previously disclosed four-pronged strategy for growth, which includes strengthening the organization’s leadership and talent, expanding and diversifying our client base, fortifying our financial position, and enhancing our capabilities and competencies,” said David Enloe, president and chief executive officer of Recro. “Adding the personnel, facilities, capabilities and global customer base of IRISYS advances each of these goals and positions Recro for sustainable, profitable growth moving forward. We welcome the members of the IRISYS team to the Recro family and are eager to begin implementing the integration of the companies.”

IRISYS is a full service CDMO based in San Diego, CA with capabilities that range from formulation development to commercial manufacturing for various dosage forms including oral liquids, sterile injectables, tablets, topicals, liquid/powder filled capsules, ophthalmic droppers, liposomes and nano/microparticles. IRISYS serves a diverse, global client base within the biopharmaceutical industry with its nearly 40 clients located in six different countries around the world. This includes manufacturing support for four commercial and near-commercial products. Importantly, IRISYS recently added automated, aseptic fill/finish and lyophilization capabilities to its existing facility, offering a new key avenue for significant near-term growth. IRISYS expects to generate $15.4 million in revenue for full year 2021 and has approximately $23 million spanning its contracted backlog and vetted sales pipeline.

Strategic Rationale

Recro’s acquisition of IRISYS was driven by a number of compelling factors covering the four prongs of the company’s ongoing growth strategy.

Enhances Capabilities and Competencies:

Expands technical focus beyond oral solid dose to include sterile injectables oral liquids, tablets, topicals, liquid/powder filled capsules, ophthalmic droppers, liposomes and nano/microparticles; Adds new capabilities in the areas of aseptic fill/finish and lyophilization; and Establishes bi-coastal footprint from which to better serve clients within the U.S., as well as globally.
Expands and Diversifies Client Base:

Adds more than three dozen clients spanning six countries, reducing Recro’s customer dependency risk; Provides greater balance between our clinical and commercial project mix; and Diversifies portfolio from exclusively oral solid dose to a balance of multiple advanced dosage forms and oral solid dose.

Fortifies Financial Position:

Adds profitable business with IRISYS full year 2021 estimated revenues of $15.4 million, net income of $2.1 million and EBITDA* of $2.8 million; the corresponding anticipated improvement in Recro’s EBITDA will be beneficial to Recro’s debt covenants under its credit agreement. Recro intends to provide updated financial guidance when it releases third quarter 2021 earnings;
Offers significant revenue diversification, reducing financial reliance on any particular client or service offering; Becomes accretive by the fourth quarter of 2021, excluding integration costs; and Enables transaction-related paydown of credit facility and an extension of the due date, leading to improved cash flow.
In addition to the advancement of the company’s four-pronged growth strategy, the acquisition was also driven by key synergies between Recro and IRISYS within business development, clinical development and commercial scale-up, as well as a strong cultural alignment and fit between the companies.

Transaction Details

Under terms of the agreement, Recro has acquired 100% of the equity interests of IRISYS in exchange for consideration having an aggregate value of approximately $49.850 million. The purchase price was paid through: (i) $25.5 million of cash at closing; (ii) 9,302,718 shares of common stock of Recro to be issued in six months; and (iii) a seller promissory note of $6.1 million. The seller note has a three (3) year maturity date from the date of closing and bears interest at a rate of 6% annually. The seller note is expressly subordinated and unsecured in right of payment and priority to Recro’s existing debt with Athyrium Capital Management.

Bailey Southwell & Co. served as the exclusive financial advisor to IRISYS. William Blair & Company, L.L.C. represented Recro on the transaction.

Non-GAAP Financial Measures
Certain financial measures of IRISYS presented in this press release, including EBITDA, were not calculated using U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”). We believe these financial measures are helpful in understanding IRISYS’ business because it allows for greater transparency of supplemental information used by Recro’s management in connection with the acquisition of IRISYS. These measures are used by investors, as well as Recro’s management, in assessing IRISYS’ past and potential future performance. Non-GAAP financial measures should be considered in addition to, but not as a substitute for, reported GAAP results. Further, Non-GAAP financial measures, even if similarly titled, may not be calculated in the same manner by all companies, and therefore should not be compared. Please see the section of this press release titled “IRISYS, LLC Reconciliation of GAAP to Non-GAAP Financial Measures” for a reconciliation of Non-GAAP EBITDA, to its most directly comparable GAAP measure.

About Recro
Recro is a contract development and manufacturing organization with capabilities from early feasibility to commercial manufacturing. With an expertise in solving complex manufacturing problems, Recro is a CDMO providing oral solid dosage form development, end-to-end regulatory support, clinical and commercial manufacturing, and packaging and logistics services to the global pharmaceutical market.
In addition to our experience in handling DEA controlled substances and developing and manufacturing modified release oral solid dosage forms, Recro has the expertise to deliver on our clients’ pharmaceutical development and manufacturing projects, regardless of complexity level. We do all of this in our best-in-class facilities, which total 120,000 square feet, in Gainesville, Georgia.


Data analytics in pharma has altered the way pharmaceuticals were a few years back. In the current era of industry 4.0, big data analytics compelled enterprises to make decisions discriminatively because Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning prove themselves.


Data analytics in pharma has altered the way pharmaceuticals were a few years back. In the current era of industry 4.0, big data analytics compelled enterprises to make decisions discriminatively because Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning prove themselves.

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RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. Enters a Collaboration With National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke to Advance its Lead GABAkine

RespireRX Pharmaceuticals Inc. | December 06, 2022

RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. a leader in the discovery and development of innovative and revolutionary treatments to combat diseases caused by disruption of neuronal signaling, is pleased to announce that RespireRx has been accepted into the NIH HEAL Initiative® NINDS Preclinical Screening Platform for Pain program. The Company’s lead GABAkine, KRM-II-81, has been shown to be effective in relieving acute, chronic, and neuropathic pain in a number of models without tolerance development or sedation. The Helping to End Addiction Long-term Initiative, or NIH HEAL Initiative, is an aggressive, trans-agency effort to speed scientific solutions to stem the national opioid public health crisis. Launched in April 2018, the initiative is focused on improving prevention and treatment strategies for opioid misuse and addiction, and enhancing pain management. The PSPP program, part of the NIH HEAL Initiative, evaluates non-opioid assets in a battery of established preclinical models. The PSPP program accepts small molecules, biologics, devices, or natural products for evaluation, from researchers in academia and industry worldwide. The RespireRx team is led by Dr. Arnold Lippa, RespireRx Executive Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer and Drs. James M. Cook, Jeffrey M. Witkin and Rok Cerne, all of whom are RespireRx Research Fellows in addition to their academic affiliations at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Ascension St. Vincent and Indiana University/Purdue University, respectively. The team has extensive expertise in drug discovery and development including the development of novel analgesic drugs and an extensive publication record with a combined total of over 1,000 scientific publications. The team has already profiled KRM-II-81 activity in a broad range of preclinical studies where it has displayed a high degree of analgesic activity and is excited at the prospect of advancing the Companay’s lead GABAkine toward clinical development. In cellular studies, KRM-II-81 preferentially bound to specific subtypes of GABAA receptors and boosted the ability of GABA to inhibit pain sensory neurons in the spinal dorsal root ganglia. In intact animal models of acute and chronic pain, the analgesic efficacy of KRM-II-81 was comparable to or greater than commonly used analgesics. At the same time, KRM-II-81 did not display side effects such as sedation and motor impairment, but even more importantly, it did not produce tolerance, dependence, respiratory depression, or behavioral changes indicative of abuse liability, which are produced by opioid narcotics and are at the heart of the opioid epidemic. Unrelated to the NINDS project, KRM-II-81 has also shown promising results in multiple animal models of treatment resistant epilepsy and in human translational studies by reducing epileptiform electrical signaling in brain tissue removed from treatment resistant epileptic patients undergoing surgery. Dr. Cerne commented “We believe that the expansion of our understanding of GABAA receptor structure and function has created a new surge in the discovery and development of GABAkines that target such receptors in a unique manner. This opens the promise of improved medicines for pain, epilepsy and other disorders caused by disruption of neuronal signaling.” “We are very excited about developing KRM-II-81 and expanding the IND enabling studies so as to begin human studies. Pending clinical validation, we believe that KRM-II-81 has the potential to represent a breakthrough treatment for pain, epilepsy, and other neuropsychiatric disorders.” Dr. Lippa About RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. RespireRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a leader in the discovery and development of medicines for the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders, with a focus on treatments that address conditions affecting millions of people, but for which there are few or poor treatment options, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder epilepsy, pain, recovery from spinal cord injury ertain neurological orphan diseases and obstructive sleep apnea. RespireRx is developing a pipeline of new and re-purposed drug products based on our broad patent portfolios for two drug platforms: (i) pharmaceutical cannabinoids, which include dronabinol, a synthetic form of ∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol that acts upon the nervous system’s endogenous cannabinoid receptors and (ii) neuromodulators, which include AMPAkines and GABAkines, proprietary chemical entities that positively modulate AMPA-type glutamate receptors and GABAA receptors, respectively. The Company holds exclusive licenses and owns patents and patent applications or rights thereto for certain families of chemical compounds that claim the chemical structures and their uses in the treatment of a variety of disorders, as well as claims for novel uses of known drugs. EndeavourRx: Neuromodulators GABAkines. Under a License Agreement with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Research Foundation, Inc. and on behalf of its EndeavourRx business unit, RespireRx has licensed rights to certain selectively acting GABAkines because of their ability to selectively amplify inhibitory neurotransmission at a highly specific, subset of GABAA receptors, thus producing a unique efficacy profile with reduced side effects. Preclinical studies have documented their efficacy in a broad array of animal models of interrelated neurological and psychiatric disorders including epilepsy, pain, anxiety, and depression in the absence of or with greatly reduced propensity to produce sedation, motor-impairment, tolerance, dependence and abuse. The Company currently is focusing on developing KRM-II-81 for the treatment of epilepsy and pain.

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