Recro Announces Acquisition of San Diego-based IRISYS, Creating Bi-Coastal, Full Service CDMO

Recro Pharma, Inc. | August 16, 2021

Recro Pharma, Inc. a contract development and manufacturing organization dedicated to solving complex formulation and manufacturing challenges for companies developing oral solid dose drug products, today announced its acquisition of IRISYS, a San Diego-based CDMO that possesses capabilities that complement and expand those of Recro. Recro acquired IRISYS for approximately $50 million in a combination of cash, shares of Recro common stock and a seller promissory note. With its acquisition of IRISYS, Recro has transformed itself into a full service CDMO with operations on both the East and West Coast of the U.S. capable of offering its now expanded global client base access to services spanning from pre-Investigational New Drug (IND) development to commercial manufacturing and packaging for wide range of dosage forms.

“Today’s acquisition of IRISYS is truly a transformative transaction for Recro. The joining of these two companies creates an organization that is ideally positioned to achieve Recro’s previously disclosed four-pronged strategy for growth, which includes strengthening the organization’s leadership and talent, expanding and diversifying our client base, fortifying our financial position, and enhancing our capabilities and competencies,” said David Enloe, president and chief executive officer of Recro. “Adding the personnel, facilities, capabilities and global customer base of IRISYS advances each of these goals and positions Recro for sustainable, profitable growth moving forward. We welcome the members of the IRISYS team to the Recro family and are eager to begin implementing the integration of the companies.”

IRISYS is a full service CDMO based in San Diego, CA with capabilities that range from formulation development to commercial manufacturing for various dosage forms including oral liquids, sterile injectables, tablets, topicals, liquid/powder filled capsules, ophthalmic droppers, liposomes and nano/microparticles. IRISYS serves a diverse, global client base within the biopharmaceutical industry with its nearly 40 clients located in six different countries around the world. This includes manufacturing support for four commercial and near-commercial products. Importantly, IRISYS recently added automated, aseptic fill/finish and lyophilization capabilities to its existing facility, offering a new key avenue for significant near-term growth. IRISYS expects to generate $15.4 million in revenue for full year 2021 and has approximately $23 million spanning its contracted backlog and vetted sales pipeline.

Strategic Rationale

Recro’s acquisition of IRISYS was driven by a number of compelling factors covering the four prongs of the company’s ongoing growth strategy.

Enhances Capabilities and Competencies:

Expands technical focus beyond oral solid dose to include sterile injectables oral liquids, tablets, topicals, liquid/powder filled capsules, ophthalmic droppers, liposomes and nano/microparticles; Adds new capabilities in the areas of aseptic fill/finish and lyophilization; and Establishes bi-coastal footprint from which to better serve clients within the U.S., as well as globally.
Expands and Diversifies Client Base:

Adds more than three dozen clients spanning six countries, reducing Recro’s customer dependency risk; Provides greater balance between our clinical and commercial project mix; and Diversifies portfolio from exclusively oral solid dose to a balance of multiple advanced dosage forms and oral solid dose.

Fortifies Financial Position:

Adds profitable business with IRISYS full year 2021 estimated revenues of $15.4 million, net income of $2.1 million and EBITDA* of $2.8 million; the corresponding anticipated improvement in Recro’s EBITDA will be beneficial to Recro’s debt covenants under its credit agreement. Recro intends to provide updated financial guidance when it releases third quarter 2021 earnings;
Offers significant revenue diversification, reducing financial reliance on any particular client or service offering; Becomes accretive by the fourth quarter of 2021, excluding integration costs; and Enables transaction-related paydown of credit facility and an extension of the due date, leading to improved cash flow.
In addition to the advancement of the company’s four-pronged growth strategy, the acquisition was also driven by key synergies between Recro and IRISYS within business development, clinical development and commercial scale-up, as well as a strong cultural alignment and fit between the companies.

Transaction Details

Under terms of the agreement, Recro has acquired 100% of the equity interests of IRISYS in exchange for consideration having an aggregate value of approximately $49.850 million. The purchase price was paid through: (i) $25.5 million of cash at closing; (ii) 9,302,718 shares of common stock of Recro to be issued in six months; and (iii) a seller promissory note of $6.1 million. The seller note has a three (3) year maturity date from the date of closing and bears interest at a rate of 6% annually. The seller note is expressly subordinated and unsecured in right of payment and priority to Recro’s existing debt with Athyrium Capital Management.

Bailey Southwell & Co. served as the exclusive financial advisor to IRISYS. William Blair & Company, L.L.C. represented Recro on the transaction.

Non-GAAP Financial Measures
Certain financial measures of IRISYS presented in this press release, including EBITDA, were not calculated using U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”). We believe these financial measures are helpful in understanding IRISYS’ business because it allows for greater transparency of supplemental information used by Recro’s management in connection with the acquisition of IRISYS. These measures are used by investors, as well as Recro’s management, in assessing IRISYS’ past and potential future performance. Non-GAAP financial measures should be considered in addition to, but not as a substitute for, reported GAAP results. Further, Non-GAAP financial measures, even if similarly titled, may not be calculated in the same manner by all companies, and therefore should not be compared. Please see the section of this press release titled “IRISYS, LLC Reconciliation of GAAP to Non-GAAP Financial Measures” for a reconciliation of Non-GAAP EBITDA, to its most directly comparable GAAP measure.

About Recro
Recro is a contract development and manufacturing organization with capabilities from early feasibility to commercial manufacturing. With an expertise in solving complex manufacturing problems, Recro is a CDMO providing oral solid dosage form development, end-to-end regulatory support, clinical and commercial manufacturing, and packaging and logistics services to the global pharmaceutical market.
In addition to our experience in handling DEA controlled substances and developing and manufacturing modified release oral solid dosage forms, Recro has the expertise to deliver on our clients’ pharmaceutical development and manufacturing projects, regardless of complexity level. We do all of this in our best-in-class facilities, which total 120,000 square feet, in Gainesville, Georgia.


Pilot Scale Capabilities at Norwich Pharmaceuticals - a Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing organization.


Pilot Scale Capabilities at Norwich Pharmaceuticals - a Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing organization.

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KiOmed Pharma and Hansoh Pharma Announce License Agreement for KiOmedinevsOne in China’s Mainland, Macau and Taiwan

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Cosán and Genomind Partner to Help Prevent Adverse Prescription Drug Events for Older Adults

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Cosán, a provider of technology-driven preventative care services for older adults and the physicians that support them, and Genomind, a leading precision healthcare company, have partnered to fill an existing gap in aging adult care management by providing Cosán’s network of physicians with Genomind’s integrated precision medication management platform. The platform will provide insights that will help Cosán to achieve the best outcomes for their patient population, prevent adverse drug events and reduce avoidable costs of medication mismanagement. With over 40% of U.S. adults 65 years of age and older taking five or more prescription medicines, aging populations are at high-risk for adverse drug events. Through this partnership, Genomind’s analytic capabilities will provide Cosán with risk stratification insights, enabling Cosán clinicians to target individuals that are most likely to benefit from medication reviews and pharmacogenetictesting, also known as drug-gene testing. Genomind’s PGx test adds a layer of precision medicine that leverages genetics to help providers select appropriate medications and dosing. Equipped with advanced pharmacogenetic screening, clinical concierge services and access to expert pharmacists, Cosán’s care teams can then incorporate individualized insights into each patient’s chronic care management plan so medications are administered safely. “This partnership brings a new level of pharmacy and genetic expertise to the thousands of providers and the patients they support, marking yet another stride in the delivery of effective preventative care management services. These unique drug analytic and genetic testing capabilities provide Cosán’s network of physicians and care coordinators with another tool designed to help eliminate avoidable drug risks and improve overall care quality for vulnerable patients receiving care from their homes.” David Hunt, Founder & President at Cosán According to the CDC, adverse drug events cause approximately 1.3 million emergency department visits each year, and older adults are nearly seven times more likely to end up hospitalized after such events than younger persons. Many of these adverse events are caused by just a few drugs. This new platform will help physicians develop personalized therapeutic approaches for patients based on their individual genetic makeup and are designed to improve patient and physician satisfaction and reduce medical expenses. With the recent expansions by Medicare to cover PGx testing in certain circumstances, this population is particularly suited to dramatically benefit from this platform. “The prevalence and cost of medication mismanagement is unacceptable, costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars annually. We’re thrilled to join Cosán in helping to improve care management for older adults, who are at high risk for these adverse drug events,” said Cynthia Kilroy, Co-CEO, Genomind. About Cosán Group Cosán Group, established in 2015, is an industry-leading healthcare organization creating new pathways to modern aging with technology-driven preventative care services, offering concierge home care for older adults. Early market exposure in the delivery of technology and services to support the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has propelled Cosán to deliver a practice and patient-centric approach to remote care coordination. About Genomind Genomind is a leading precision health company focused on optimizing the treatment experience for individuals and healthcare providers through actionable genetic insights and innovative health technology. Genomind’s platform integrates precision health technology and pharmacogenetic testing on an individual and population level beyond mental health. Built on the foundation of compassionate care and clinical expertise, Genomind is empowering a more targeted and personalized approach to medication management and supporting providers in a new standard of care.

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