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Quantum Leap and SignalPath to Integrate Clinical Trial Software Infrastructure Across I-SPY Platform Trials

Quantum Leap Healthcare Cooperative (Quantum Leap) and SignalPath reported a partnership today that will further enable the I-SPY platform trials with vigorous, streamlined technology infrastructure to drive the straightforwardness and efficiency of trial execution. SignalPath will integrate existing work process instruments being utilized to control the I-SPY trials into SignalPath's research operations and financial platform. In view of the public health emergency surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, this advanced technology infrastructure will initially be conveyed for I-SPY COVID-19 with subsequent expansion to I-SPY2.

“As we continue to grow our platform trials with a focus on I-SPY COVID-19, and the growing complexity of processing drug candidates through our platform trials, we need sophisticated infrastructure to ensure we can maintain our efficiency and agility. SignalPath provides the missing link for a comprehensive, tech-enabled trial technology platform to unlock the full potential of adaptive trial designs. This further empowers us to address urgent health needs that can only be solved through exceptional, technology-enabled clinical research,” observed James Palazzolo, CEO of Quantum Health.

The I-SPY platform has had incredible accomplishment in working with leading academic medical centers around the United States. SignalPath is helping to extend that footprint across the a-list community health systems on the SignalPath platform. The objective is to continue to draw in community health systems with hearty research programs in cutting edge research to help their patients.
“We founded SignalPath to re-imagine clinical trial execution through technology,” stated Brad Hirsch, MD, CEO and Co-Founder, SignalPath. “The Quantum Leap team has already accomplished an amazing amount in the fight against breast cancer and is now applying their full force to drive insights into COVID-19. It is an incredible opportunity for us to collaboratively support trial execution through our powerful technology infrastructure to meaningfully reduce the complexity for both the Quantum Leap team and the sites involved in the I-SPY trials. Everyone’s goal is the same - to bring life-saving medicines to patients that need them most.”

About SignalPath
SignalPath is the premier clinical trial technology partner for research sites and sponsors, focused on improving the ease and efficiency of trial execution and management. Supporting over 5,000 trials across more than 300 sites and thousands of active users, SignalPath is the industry standard that addresses key pain points in the conduct of trials.

About Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative
Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative is a 501c(3) charitable organization established in 2005 as a collaboration between medical researchers at University of California, San Francisco and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Our mission is to integrate care and research, and to foster high-impact trials with embedded clinical processes and systems technology and improved data management, greater access to clinical trial matching, and greater benefit to patients, providers, and researchers. Our goal is to improve and save lives. Quantum Leap provides operational, financial, and regulatory oversight to I-SPY.

About the I-SPY TRIALs
The I-SPY TRIAL (Investigation of Serial studies to Predict Your Therapeutic Response with Imaging And moLecular analysis) was designed to rapidly screen promising experimental treatments and identify those most effective in specific patient subgroups based on molecular characteristics (biomarker signatures). The trial is a unique collaborative effort by a consortium that includes the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), industry, patient advocates, philanthropic sponsors, and clinicians from 16 major U.S. cancer research centers. Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative is the trial sponsor and manages all study operations.



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