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OM1 Unveils Patented, AI-powered Platform to Accelerate Personalized Medicine

businesswire | April 17, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

OM1 Unveils Patented

OM1, a leading real-world data, outcomes and technology company with a focus on chronic conditions, today launched PhenOM™, its artificial intelligence-powered platform for personalized medicine. Calibrated using OM1’s longitudinal health history datasets, PhenOM uses AI to identify unique digital phenotypes associated with conditions and outcomes and compare patients’ records to them to highlight risks and opportunities. PhenOM powers personalized healthcare insights at scale across the entire healthcare ecosystem, from life science research to point-of-care clinical decision making.

PhenOM is an AI that gathers detailed information from large patient datasets – including unstructured clinical notes and disease activity metrics – to isolate unique patterns associated with patients with distinct characteristics. PhenOM synthesizes these patterns into unique digital phenotypes or ‘fingerprints.’ These phenotypes can be studied to inform research and deployed in real-world datasets – inside and outside OM1 – as well as in health systems and through standalone patient-facing web portals.

Calibrated using OM1’s differentiated, high-quality data cloud – which is based on billions of data points from more than 300 million patients – PheonOM was built with expert clinician oversight. With an overarching mission to improve individual care and population health, the platform powers five solutions that address pain points across the healthcare system

  • Diagnostic Insights: Finding patients with rare, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed conditions, including subgroups of interest
  • Treatment Insights: Personalizing treatment recommendations to improve access to care and individualizing treatment selection
  • Risk Insights: Predicting risk of specific negative outcomes, including disease progression, complications, and catastrophic events
  • Utilization Insights: Enabling focus on patients at risk for higher utilization, and utilization growth, over time
  • Clinical Trial Insights: Accelerating trial startup and recruitment by identifying patients most likely to meet qualifications for enrollment, including those potentially overlooked

Patient expectations over the last several years have shifted – from the adoption of virtual care and accessibility to the use of advanced technology to improve outcomes – but a persistent gap remains between population-level insights and individual patient experience: personalization. Recognizing this gap, OM1 developed PhenOM to translate patterns in large-scale data into meaningful outputs at the individual level and to better understand patient populations, diagnoses, progression, and treatment response.

“Most people have now heard of the promise of AI through GPT-4, but we still have not seen many really mature, real-world clinical applications using advanced language models,” said Dr. Joseph Zabinski, Managing Director of AI & Personalized Medicine at OM1. “PhenOM is groundbreaking technology because it uses AI to translate actionable insights from our highly enriched datasets and phenotyping technology into opportunities for more personalized healthcare. This capability creates a huge potential for impact for all stakeholders, from identifying patients with under-diagnosed conditions to enabling personalized assessments of benefit for particular therapies and accelerating clinical trial enrollment.”

About OM1

With specialization in chronic conditions, OM1 is re-imagining real-world data and evidence by developing large electronically connected networks of clinicians and health data in rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology, cardiometabolic, respiratory, mental health, central nervous system, and other specialty areas. Leveraging its extensive clinical networks and an unparalleled technology and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, OM1 offers industry leading enriched healthcare datasets, research analytics, data modeling, decision support, and retrospective and prospective clinical studies. With a focus on high-quality data and clinical outcomes, the offerings are used for accelerating research, demonstrating treatment effectiveness, supporting regulatory submissions, monitoring safety, and informing commercialization.


Injection systems that are attached to the patient's body (on-body delivery system OBDS) minimize possible risks, that can occur when drugs are administered by conventional needle-based injection systems (NIS). 


Injection systems that are attached to the patient's body (on-body delivery system OBDS) minimize possible risks, that can occur when drugs are administered by conventional needle-based injection systems (NIS). 

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Endo Launches Bivalirudin Injection in Ready-to-Use Vials

PRNewswire | July 19, 2023

Endo International plc announced that its Par Sterile Products business has begun shipping bivalirudin injection in a ready-to-use 250 mg/50 mL single-use vial. It is the only ready-to-use liquid format of bivalirudin on the market in the U.S. "Hospital practitioners work hard to provide quality patient care while also meeting operational challenges," said Scott Sims, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Injectable Solutions & Generics at Endo. "With ready-to-use products like bivalirudin, we're helping to deliver solutions that reduce complexity for healthcare providers—so they can focus on patient care." In May 2023, Endo executed agreements with MAIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Gland Pharma Limited, India to commercialize ready-to-use bivalirudin in the U.S. The product, manufactured by Gland Pharma Limited, is an anticoagulant (thrombin inhibitor) that helps prevent the formation of blood clots. It is used to prevent blood clots in people with severe chest pain or other conditions who are undergoing an angioplasty procedure. Ready-to-use, or RTU, products streamline operations for hospitals by eliminating the need to prepare or transfer the product before patient administration. This may reduce waste and costs, optimize convenience and workflow and reduce the chance for preparation error—all of which support quality patient care DRUG INTERACTIONS In clinical trials in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), co-administration of bivalirudin with heparin, warfarin, thrombolytics, or GPls was associated with increased risks of major bleeding events compared to patients not receiving these concomitant medications. USE IN SPECIFIC POPULATIONS Geriatric Use In studies of patients undergoing PCI, 44% were ≥65 years of age and 12% of patients were ≥75 years old. Elderly patients experienced more bleeding events than younger patients. Renal Impairment The disposition of bivalirudin was studied in PTCA patients with mild, moderate and severe renal impairment. The clearance of bivalirudin was reduced approximately 21% in patients with moderate and severe renal impairment and was reduced approximately 70% in dialysis- dependent patients. The infusion dose of bivalirudin injection may need to be reduced, and anticoagulant status monitored in patients with renal impairment. INDICATION AND USAGE Bivalirudin injection is indicated for use as an anticoagulant in patients undergoing PCI, including patients with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia and heparin-induced thrombocytopenia and thrombosis syndrome. About Endo Endo is a specialty pharmaceutical company committed to helping everyone we serve live their best life through the delivery of quality, life-enhancing therapies. Our decades of proven success come from passionate team members around the globe collaborating to bring treatments forward. Together, we boldly transform insights into treatments benefiting those who need them, when they need them.

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Memorial Hermann Health System Makes a Strategic Investment in Capital Rx Customer Solutions Platform

PRNewswire | August 11, 2023

Capital Rx, the health technology company changing the way prescription drugs are priced and patients are cared for in America, has received a strategic investment from Memorial Hermann Health System, a non-profit health system committed to creating healthier Houston communities. Memorial Hermann joins Capital Rx's existing investors in supporting the development of JUDI®, the new standard for backend claims processing platforms in the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industry, and the overall growth of Capital Rx's full-service PBM and pharmacy benefit administration (PBA) platform as a service (PaaS) solution. "We're thrilled to have the investment support of Memorial Hermann as we work to modernize this country's claims processing infrastructure and deploy our aligned customer model to more employers, unions, municipalities, and other payers to create enduring change," said AJ Loiacono, Co-Founder & CEO of Capital Rx. "It's especially rewarding because we share the same values and prioritize community, compassion, credibility, and having the courage to be innovative in everything we do." Capital Rx's JUDI brings exponential operational efficiency and control to Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans and prescription claims processing. A modern, open, and scalable platform, JUDI allows for seamless communication and data integration between vendors and across the continuum of care. Importantly, its intuitive design and workflows save time, allowing health systems and other payers to allocate resources more efficiently and toward what matters most: caring for patients and members in the communities and populations they serve. "As we assessed the health care ecosystem for innovative capabilities to help accelerate the evolution of the pharmacy service model and prescription claims processing, Capital Rx's vision for a framework that prioritizes efficiency and allows for exceptional patient care set the company apart for investment consideration," said Feby Abraham, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at Memorial Hermann. "Capital Rx's platform is focused on bringing clarity and consistency to drug prices, broadening access to medication, and helping its clients control pharmacy costs, all without sacrificing member service and patient outcomes." The Health Management Academy's Strategic Partnership Alliance, which explores new venture and investment opportunities on behalf of a group of the country's largest health systems, identified Capital Rx as a mission-aligned disruptor with next-generation technology for its members, including Memorial Hermann. About Memorial Hermann Health System Charting a better future. A future that's built upon the HEALTH of our community. This is the driving force for Memorial Hermann, redefining health care for the individuals and many diverse populations we serve. Our 6,700 affiliated physicians and 32,000 employees practice the highest standards of safe, evidence-based, quality care to provide a personalized and outcome-oriented experience across our more than 260 care delivery sites. As one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in Southeast Texas, Memorial Hermann has an award-winning and nationally acclaimed Accountable Care Organization, 17* hospitals, and numerous specialty programs and services conveniently located throughout the Greater Houston area. Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center is one of the nation's busiest Level I trauma centers and serves as the primary teaching hospital for McGovern Medical School at UTHealth. For more than 115 years, our focus has been the best interest of our community, contributing nearly $500 million annually through school-based health centers and other community benefit programs. Now and for generations to come, the health of our community will be at the center of what we do – charting a better future for all. Memorial Hermann Health System owns and operates 14 hospitals and has joint ventures with three other hospital facilities, including Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony, Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital Kingwood, and Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital-Katy. About Capital Rx Capital Rx is a healthcare technology company changing the way prescription drugs are priced and patients are cared for in America. As a Certified B Corp™, Capital Rx is executing its mission through an efficient Single-Ledger Model™ that increases visibility and reduces variability in drug prices. The company's cloud-native enterprise pharmacy platform, JUDI®, connects every aspect of the pharmacy ecosystem, servicing over 2.4 million members for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans.

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Verista Announces New Partnership with Sware to Transform Digital Validation in the Life Sciences Industry

PRNewswire | August 09, 2023

Verista, a leading business and technology services company offering specialized solutions for the life sciences industry, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Sware. This collaboration underscores Verista's commitment to its clients to provide advanced and innovative digital validation solutions, helping them realize Pharma 4.0. By incorporating Sware's Res_Q platform, clients can enhance, streamline, and optimize the flow of content and data, effectively addressing the challenges posed by static documents and disjointed workflows in the validation discipline. Together, Verista services and Res_Q provide a powerful combination, offering customers a comprehensive and efficient risk-based approach to validation processes in the life sciences industry. "In this partnership, Verista will drive the efficient execution of digital transformations with Res_Q enabling clients to modernize their processes and leverage the latest regulated technologies in compliant ways," says Manny Soman, CEO of Verista. "We are delighted that Verista and Sware share the same goal to reduce and manage validation efforts while helping clients unleash the full potential of digital transformation to bring their products to market more quickly and safely." "Digitizing the validation process is crucial for compliance-focused life sciences companies to be able to meet stringent global regulatory requirements, but digitizing processes means much more than putting paper processes on glass," says Bryan Ennis, Co-Founder and CEO of Sware. "Our partnership with Verista couples our deep digital technology expertise with robust industry experience to deliver the most comprehensive, intelligent and digital validation solutions on the market today." ABOUT VERISTA Verista is a leading business, technology and compliance company that enables clients to improve health and improve lives. We help clients solve their most critical and complex challenges across the GxP lifecycle, from clinical to commercialization, manufacturing and distribution. Verista's experts continually deliver consistent, safe, and high-quality results across the product development lifecycle in the areas of enterprise and lab solutions, technology solutions, manufacturing solutions, and regulatory compliance and product management. ABOUT SWARE Sware is changing how the life sciences industry manages validation – helping companies deliver safer therapies through better technology. Sware provides one validation solution crafted specifically for the entire life sciences industry. Res_Q by Sware automates validation – effortlessly navigating through each step of the validation process for both GxP and non-GxP systems.

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